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These Are the Best Buildings Designs for Architect Fans in Sydney

We have picked the most stunning buildings that any fan of architecture needs to check out in Sydney. From the famous Sydney Opera House to the most exclusive casino, these buildings are not only beautiful but also unique. So, without further ado let’s look at the builds that made our list.

Star Casino

Star Casino in Sidney is the second largest casino in Australia, and it was designed by the Buchan group. It looks very sophisticated and modern, while it was designed to cover two gaming floors, hence there are more than enough casino games to choose from. Its glazed façade is what makes the casino unique as it was designed with bespoke glass.

On top of that, the waterfront location and beautiful landscape makes the gaming destination even more glamorous. Any casino player will enjoy not just the available casino games but the beautiful interior design and architecture.

If you’re personally interested in casino games but you don’t have a chance to visit the Star Casino then you will be glad to know that the online casino market is going through a boom phase therefore you will be able to choose from loads of real money online casino sites which suit your preferences. Nearly there is a vast collection of casino games which include everything from online slots 2 card games like poker baccarat blackjack and even live dealer games.

Sydney Opera House

Our list of won’t be complete without adding the Sydney Opera House. Jørn Utzon is a Danish architect that designed the unique now UNESCO heritage site building. The construction initially started in 1958, But the building was not open to the public until the 1970s. The building is known for its modern expressionist design, beautiful venues, and its unique look that resembles bird wings.

 Hyde Park War Memorial

Hyde Park War Memorial was created by Bruce Delit who was behind the art deco movement in Australia and this memorable building was built to commemorate for the great WWII. It is a stunning sculptural monument, while its elements resemble traditional Gothic architecture. If you’re ever in Sydney make sure to visit the monument, as there is nothing quite like it.

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building is known as one of the most unique pieces of architecture and a business school building of the University of Technology Sydney. It was designed by the Canadian American architect Frank Gehry and what makes it’s a striking building is that it appears as a squashed paper bag from a distance. Also, it was built from custom designed bricks The 13-storey tower is nothing short of extraordinary but is also a quite a functional building providing teaching facilities and accommodation to over 1,000 students.


In conclusion, there are many unique buildings in Sydney which make it a top destination for anyone that is studying to become an architect or anyone that just loves unique and stunning architecture. So, if you ever visit Sydney make sure to add these buildings to your bucket list.

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