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The Importance of Dental Fillings

In a lifetime, most people will need at least one dental filling, and as a result, they are of the most common procedures performed at dental clinics. The simple operation safeguards and preserves your teeth.

Let’s look at the importance of dental fillings and why you need to keep up with your dental check-up for white and healthy teeth.

What is a cavity?

Did you know that the hardest part of your body is in your mouth? It’s the tough shell called the enamel. The thin outer covering protects your teeth and acts as the defence system against decay. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to our food intake and lifestyle choices. If you like to snack on lollies, enjoy a sweet carbonated drink, or love to relax with a bottle of alcohol or a cigar, then you are probably unaware that these habits contribute to breaking down your enamel. When the covering breaks, our teeth are exposed, fostering decay. At this point, you can have it treated; if not, it leads to cavities. Starting as an innocent small hole, it has the potential of becoming larger and moving deeper.

When should you have your cavity checked?

Your teeth may seem okay, but a dentist will be quick to notice the tiniest of breakdowns. Contrarily, we are prone to cavities even with excellent dental hygiene and practices. That said, regular dental check-ups are vital for preventive measures and help reduce dental work that may need to be done. Try checking your teeth with your tongue or in the mirror. Do you feel or see any hole? Schedule a visit with your dentist in Parramatta as soon as possible. The dentist will insert a dental filling to safeguard your teeth, prevent further deterioration, and minimise the chances of needing extensive dental work like a root canal procedure.

What are the different options of fillings?

With advances in technology, dental procedures have never been simpler. Today’s primary material is composite fillings, made of resin and tailored to match your teeth colour. Aesthetically speaking, that would be the best choice preferred by most. You can opt for gold fillings, often chosen for their durability and strength against their composite counterparts.

What happens during the dental filling procedure?

Before filling the cavity, the dentist will numb the area around the specified tooth to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Afterwards, the dentist will get rid of the tooth decay through drilling, followed by replacing the extracted part of the tooth with your chosen filling material. With as little as fifteen minutes, you can go home with a filled and more functional tooth, having the assurance that you won’t have to lose it any time soon!

Fillings aftercare

Once you have a tooth filling procedure, it is normal to feel numb for a while. You may also feel sensitivity around the teeth that had some dental work done. However, the feeling goes away within a few hours. Like your teeth, your filling will require proper dental care. A few tips include brushing and flossing as needed, twice for the former, and at least once a day for the latter. Also, watch out for your food and drinks intake, and keep off or decrease those with high sugar content. It will aid in preserving your teeth and fillings.


For more tips on maintaining strong and healthy teeth, you should book an appointment to speak to your dentist. It is advisable to get a dental check-up every three to four months for enhanced care of your teeth and to reduce dental work during procedures.

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