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The Best Ways to Write an Essay in an Hour

Only students know the stress and anxiety of submitting an assignment within an hour, not just any assignments; these are lengthy writing tasks that take at least a day or two with planning. So, here are some great ways to write an essay in an hour!

Read the Question Carefully

Reading the question with care solves half of the problem of writing a paper for you on its own. How? It offers clarity and instructions. Instructions are essential because every teacher has a different set of expectations for each assignment. If you deviate from the instructions too much, you will end up losing marks unnecessarily. Students tend to think that questions have nothing to offer but confusion and a lengthy essay when that isn’t true. Focus and read it, so you don’t make huge mistakes that take hours to mend; remember that you are already short on time. That way, you can quickly look up the information and articles directly related to the topic rather than work with multiple articles for hours.

Be Realistic with Your Deadlines

Writing an essay in 2 hours is never an easy thing to do, and here you’re making an effort to write it in an hour! The biggest mistake students make is that they are unrealistic when it comes to deadlines. Know when you have a deadline so you can plan accordingly. If you have no time and just an hour to deal with the essay, the smartest thing to do here is to evaluate if you can finish it in time. If you can’t, all the effort you are putting in will flush down the drain.

You can evaluate whether or not you’ll be able to finish the essay on your own by looking at the background information of the topic. There are also several words that the teacher wants you to target; if it is anything beyond 700, then finishing the paper within an hour isn’t possible if you do it without any help. If it is too much for you, you should immediately approach an essay writing service that hires professionals to work on your paper within an hour and write a perfect essay in 2 hours or so! that way, and you can submit the task on time, save your grade, and get rid of some of the anxiety too.


Brainstorming is essential for clarity. When we are in a rush, like working on a two-page essay in two hours or so, we tend to receive an influx of ideas that we can’t differentiate in. It happens with every student. The mind keeps throwing things around in a state of panic, and we only see the world-shattering around us. Well, don’t worry; you can use this to your benefit only if you stick to brainstorming.

Before you type a single word for your essay, you should pick up your pen and start brainstorming. Note every idea down in pointers before you forget. Next, write what makes it unique and make bulleted points for whatever you want to include with each concept. Once that step is done, you can proceed to write on these things.

Brainstorming will help you make a list of these ideas organized instead of everything going haywire. It is an organized way to think about your ideas to get rid of the ones you can’t work on and pick the best one with all the crucial points briefly mentioned next to it, so you don’t forget anything at the end. In addition, it helps you save plenty of time because you don’t stop writing due to any disruptions in your thought process.

Create an Outline

An outline helps students stick to a standard structure of good essays. An outline is excellent for guiding students on which piece of information to include in each bit of the paper. If you try to neglect an outline because you’re in a hurry, you will only struggle to get marks. It becomes a more significant challenge to allocate information to the right parts of the essay as well.

Write an essay in two hours by sticking to the following standard outline:

  • Introduction: include a brief background here and mention the purpose of the entire write-up in the introduction;
  • Thesis statement: it’s time to talk about the thesis statement. It summarizes the entire paper into two to three lines sentences. You can add a hook to it if you want to make it more interesting;
  • Body paragraphs are ideal for adding information and details that you never talk about in the introduction. Include data analysis, tables, information, everything that you feel is relevant to the topic. However, bear in mind that you must be careful about which details you add. It must all be relevant to the topic and come together correctly;
  • Conclusion: it’s time to write a definitive conclusion because this is your voice and something the reader remembers the longest. Don’t add any new details here; summarize the entire passage and restate the thesis statement in different words.

If you stick to these tips, you will never find yourself asking how to write an essay in 2 hours.

Write Fast and Edit Slow!

The Best Ways to Write an Essay in an Hour

If you are a slow turtle, it is time to change the pace a bit and speed up while writing. Once everything else is done, you need to write. All you have to do is write! So, instead of slowly wandering around, thinking it is a walk in the park, consider your write-up like a marathon. Generally, we wouldn’t recommend rushing the writing part, and however, when you have to write a 5-page essay in an hour, the advice varies with reason. Write quickly, so you have time to proofread and edit your paper.

That isn’t wise if you think you can skip proofreading and editing and give that time to the written bits. Editing is critical because it helps you eliminate countless writing errors like irrelevant details, grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and helps you correct your sentence structure. So give editing as much time as you can and present the paper a final read. Then, remove all the errors you have made so far and see how this trick works wonders for your grade!

Now that you are aware of some of these fantastic tips and tricks, make sure your stress takes the backseat, and you take charge of the essay in that short span that you have before the submission. It will indeed work for you, so keep putting in the effort. Good luck!


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