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The 4 Most Common Mistakes SMBs Make with Video Content

Small businesses are often at a disadvantage when video content is concerned. Not only do they lack the resources of larger companies, but video production services can be expensive and time-consuming. Yet video marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways for SMBs to grow their customer base.

For this reason, it’s important that you take advantage of video content in your marketing strategy as much as possible — even if it seems like too much work or expense.

But before we get started with how to create video content, let’s talk about some common mistakes you might not know you’re making that could cost you customers and success.

Mistake #1: Creating videos without an audience in mind

It might seem obvious that creating a video without an audience in mind is a mistake, but the video production industry has experienced an upswing in this type of video.

Many businesses are finding that they can just shoot some footage and upload it to their website or social media page with little thought for what will attract attention. But if you don’t have video content marketing metrics clearly defined before shooting your video, you’ll be shooting in the dark.

Instead, you should have video marketing metrics defined and written out before beginning production on your video content — even if it’s just a simple list of who you expect to see the video and why they’re relevant.

Mistake #2: Unnecessary special effects

The video production services industry is getting more and more advanced, which means you can get almost any effect imaginable in your video.

This might seem like a good idea at first glance because it could give your video an edge to stand out from other companies’ content. But the truth of the matter is that most special effects are overused or just don’t create the video experience you’re hoping for.

With that being said, you should avoid overusing special effects. They’re only necessary if they’ll support your video’s message in a way that makes it worth the cost of video content marketing.

Mistake #3: Not editing the videos properly

Another common mistake with video content is not editing out unnecessary footage.

If you’re shooting several hours of video, but only need a few minutes to convey your message, it’s worth paying video editing professionals to cut out the rest. Otherwise, you’ll spend more money than necessary on video content marketing and risk losing potential customers because the video is so long.

Mistake #4: Not having an eye for video quality

Finally, one of the most annoying mistakes video marketers make is not having an eye for video content.

It’s not enough to just shoot video and hope for the best. You need someone with a trained eye to look throughout the entire video creation process and make sure the video is as high quality as possible, but having a keen eye on yourself will be beneficial too.

After all, if you’re going to put your video out there for everyone and anyone to see, then it better look good!


With these mistakes in mind, you can avoid unprofessional video content and create video marketing that will grow your customer base — even if it seems like too much work or expense at first glance.


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