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Styling a Console Table: What You Can Do

Even if you’re still in the process or in the beginning stages of buying a house, it doesn’t mean that you can’t yet dream of how you’re going to design and style it. In fact, you might need to start imagining and planning now. This way, you have enough motivation to finally get the house of your dreams, after applying for a mortgage and getting approved.

One of the biggest house trends of the past few years is an elegantly designed and styled console table. It piggybacked off the popularity of the mid-century modern trend, as well as the rise of the beautifully designed entryway. But console tables are not just used for entrances-they are also used for:

  • A temporary bar for when you’re entertaining guests
  • Providing extra tabletop surfaces for items that do not belong on the main table
  • A side table for other things like books, a record player, or other media consoles
  • A design accent for items like picture frames or fresh flowers

Either way, console tables are incredibly versatile and, in many cases, necessary. You want to pay attention to how they are styled to ensure cohesion wherever they are placed. After all, if you do not choose the right piece and if they are not styled properly, they can be a jarring piece in an otherwise cohesive space.

A console table can make or break the look and feel of a room. Here are some tips and tricks for styling it in a way that attracts the eye and adds elegance to your space.

Add visual support by grounding the bottom

When styling a console table, you cannot neglect the bottom part of the whole area. Adding substantial items like a rattan basket or a seat with extra storage for shoes can help balance the space because it adds visual weight. The general rule is that there should still be a small space between the top of the item and the bottom of the console table, so make sure to do the necessary measurements.

The top area should be elevated

This tip is particularly important for console tables on entryways because it will help set the pace for the rest of the house. When you have something visually heavy on top of the console table, like a big mirror or an impressive piece of art, it pulls the whole look together.

Mirrors are more utilitarian, however, because they allow the occupants of the home to check themselves before they leave. It’s also convenient for guests because they can also check themselves before completely entering your home. A large piece on top of your console table can be a beautiful focal point that draws the eye in and provides balance to the entire space.

Incorporate smaller but significant design accents

When it comes to styling, there is one word that one needs to remember: Balance. If all you have are bigger items like the big basket below and the massive mirror on top, something about your space will feel less put together. After you’ve begun the process by adding the big pieces, the next step is to bring in smaller but significant accents like a lamp, a vase, smaller layered artwork pieces, and perhaps a stack of books that follow the color palette.

Once you’ve added these smaller accessories, it’s time to take a step back and take a look at the space to check if anything looks off or jarring. What you can do is match the scale of the separate pieces on both sides of the console table. For example, if you already have a bulky lamp on the right side, adding a vase on the left side can help bring back balance to the space. Just make sure everything in between is on the smaller size or scale.

Add even smaller details

Once you have the basic components down pat, it’s now time to add even more texture and flair to your space by incorporating smaller accents. Some examples include a candle to add a gorgeous scent, or maybe a stylish box or tray where you and your family members can corral some keys, smaller pieces of sculpture, and some potted plants for much-needed greenery.

Imagining what the interiors of your dream home can look like will help motivate you to finally become a homeowner. Think about these steps for styling a console table, and let your imagination become a reality when you finally have the keys to the house of your dreams.

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