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Steam Cleaning Carpets – How Often Should I Be Doing it? 

A carpet accentuates the décor of your interiors, thus making your home look aesthetically appealing. This expensive investment needs to be taken care of. If not cleaned or maintained properly, a carpet can harm your health in many ways. According to a study, if you do not clean your carpet regularly, it may house four thousand times more germs than a toilet seat. Yes, you heard it right. If you haven’t cleaned your carpet in a long time, this may be a cause of concern. 

You can use different methods to clean your carpets, such as brushing or vacuuming them. Besides that, we also recommend steam cleaning your carpet regularly. 

How Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Work? 

A steam cleaner for carpet is used to shoot extremely hot water into the carpet and suck back the jets of water along with grime and dirt. This technique is known as hot water extraction. The high temperature of water and pressure applied by the steam cleaner for carpet help to remove toxins and bacteria. 

This deep cleaning method is very effective as it works better than the traditional carpet cleaning methods. Steam cleaning also helps to remove deeply-embedded debris collected inside the fabric of your carpet. Your carpets will last longer when you use this method regularly. 

So, how often should you steam clean your carpet? 

Thumb Rule of Steam Cleaning your Carpet 

As a general rule of thumb, you should get your carpet professionally steam cleaned at least once a year. If your carpet is too dirty, use this method twice a year to eliminate unwanted stains, germs, and bad odour from the rug. Steam cleaning will renew your carpet like never before. The results are magical. 

How Often Should Pet Owners Steam Clean the Carpet? 

Pet hair and dander are common elements that make your carpet dirty. The germs and bacteria, when assembled, lead to many infections and allergies. Thus, if you are a pet owner, you must be more frequent with the steam cleaning of the carpet. Vacuum the rug twice or thrice a week and opt for steam cleaning twice or thrice a year to maintain it. 

Steam Cleaning For Busy Households 

Your carpet may get soiled and dirty if you have a busy household or young children. In that case, you must opt for steam cleaning twice or thrice a year to keep your carpet in good shape. 

Some Easy Tips Related to Carpet Steam Cleaning 

Before you call professional help to steam your carpet, clean the entire room. Vacuum twice to remove dirt and pet hair from the surface, especially the carpet and upholstery area. The results are more effective when you vacuum your carpet before steam cleaning. Although you can use a steam cleaner for carpet yourself, we recommend hiring a professional service for the best results. 

The Many Benefits of Steam Cleaning your Carpet 

  • Unlike the traditional carpet cleaning method, steam cleaning treats the surface and reaches the soil build-up, thus offering an effective cleaning. 
  • Steam cleaning is a wet procedure. The drying time of the carpet after this method remains shorter than other methods. Depending upon the type of rug, it only takes a few hours for the carpet to dry. 
  • Before a professional service begins steam cleaning your carpet, they check its surface thoroughly for spills and stains. These areas are then treated with stain removal solutions before running the equipment. Combining pre-treatment and steam cleaning methods results in a fresh and clean carpet


Steam cleaning your carpet is a superior method over the other alternatives. Thus, why wait? Call a professional service and get your carpet cleaned with this method. 


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