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Rolls Royce opts in for a change

Learn how Rolls Royce opened up a brand new dealership outside UK

Rolls-Royce has opened its first customer service center and official renting service outside the United Kingdom in Dubai, and it is now possible to rent rolls royce in Dubai directly from the manufacturer, which is certainly another significant automotive development. You may ask why buy or rent? The company is able and willing to open other locations for business  in high-end locations in other countries. For example, the Rolls-Royce Dubai center has surpassed the Abu Dhabi center in terms of luxury car sales to become the most successful. Amazing?

Why Dubai?

In recent years, Abu Dhabi Motors has held the palm for first place as the world’s busiest Rolls-Royce dealership. Rolls-Royce had its best year to date in 2016, with 4,011 luxury cars delivered, a 6 percent increase in vehicles over previous pre-coveted years. However, according to their books, while sales in the Asia-Pacific area increased by 5%, in Europe by 28%, and in Japan by 51%, the Middle East sales dropped. Political and economic challenges followed by the decrease in the region forced many consumers to doubt the viability of purchasing pricey premium cars – as stated by a British maker of bespoke luxury automobiles finalizing in low demand for all luxury items for the rich. The Middle East has risen to become the world’s third-largest market despite tough market circumstances and low oil prices, According to Bill Carter, the Middle East head of research at Autodata, the crisis in Abu Dhabi would have caused substantial losses in the raw materials and energy industries, potentially hurting the rate of production and sales of pricey luxury automobiles.

A new dawn

However, a new day has dawned and Rolls-Royce seems to anticipate a change in the market in a pleasant direction. As a result, the famous British luxury car brand has opened its first international headquarters in Dubai. Despite constant critical comparisons with the Rolls-Royce location in Sussex, it is safe to say that the new center will give many new consumers a taste of Britain, even if they are half a world away. Customers who wanted a truly unique design had to pre-make their preferences on a tablet or visit the manufacturer’s headquarters in Goodwood, UK, for a live selection. Now a major benefit of the luxury car selling service is that customers can make appointments with local dealers in the UAE at a new location to choose the exact characteristics of their new car. And no more need to travel halfway around the globe to the UK to do this at all. Extra special options such as the Rolls-Royce “starlight headliner” allowing the owner to decide the constellation of the night sky to be seen on the roof of the car can now be chosen live in the new center. At the new center in the UAE there are polite and trained staff waiting to service new and old customers and also ready to help you throughout the process of customizing the car of your dreams. Customers can customize everything from dashboard design to seat covers and interior and exterior colors, if they so pick, by choosing from a vast 44,000 possible color combinations and blends. As a result, this new center will be more than just a dealership. Customers may now interact directly with the new store’s staff of highly experienced Rolls-Royce professionals to design the automobile of their dreams. Rolls-Royce has tackled the opening with great attention to detail, appointing a one-of-a-kind lead designer as well as a full-time account manager for the new facility.

What next?

Obviously, Rolls-Royce will not stop in Dubai at this rate. The corporation aims to create further private offices and run comparable facilities in the most affluent locations across the world in the near future, of which we can only speculate, and the particular specifics or dates are definitely not disclosed and kept secret. These new facilities, like the one in Dubai, will focus on three major programs that define the backbone and originality of the Rolls-Royce brand: an upgraded Rolls-Royce Coachbuild program, which includes hand-built vehicles, premium bespoke orders, and access to the Masterpiece Collection. Rolls-Royce thinks that these services would assist customers all around the world form a better emotional bond with their dream automobiles.


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