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ProspectIn vs Dripify Comparison: Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

If you want to showcase your business, LinkedIn is supposed to be one of the best platforms. It is a space where you can connect with several entrepreneurs very easily, and it has also helped many people to improve their business performance.

Do you know the one thing that can make your job easier? Well, that’s LinkedIn automation tools. It is designed to allow businesses to boost their lead generation game and eventually create more sales and generate higher income with the least effort and automation.

However, if you are looking for the most powerful LinkedIn automation tool for your business or to close leads faster, we have compiled the Prospectin vs Dripify comparison here in the article.

Pros and Cons of Dripify

Dripify is the industry’s most advanced LinkedIn automation tool that helps entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes build sales funnels in minutes. It is a powerful cloud-based tool with advanced algorithms that helps your marketing department generate more leads and sell more products on autopilot.

You can import leads from CSV files and create a rock-solid prospecting sequence. Additionally, users can integrate Dripify with CRM solutions to launch marketing campaigns. Just set time intervals and triggers in its control panel.

Here are some pros and cons of Dripify:

Dripify Pros

  • Simple and accessible interface
  • Video Tutorials available
  • Cloud-based Technology
  • Drip campaigns and integration
  • Autopilot lead Generation
  • No technical skills required

Dripify Cons

  • The Mobile app isn’t available.
  • Downloading of data is complex.

However, the Dripify LinkedIn automation is quite impressive software that provides a general overview of your LinkedIn performance. In addition, you have access to your recent activity, which allows you to track the number of LinkedIn actions you take each day and helps you assess the performance by showing detailed statistics and metrics on LinkedIn.

Pros and Cons of ProspectIn

ProspectIn is a Chrome-based extension that allows marketers or businesses to fully automate their LinkedIn crawling tasks while respecting daily limits set by LinkedIn. Connection requests, bulk messaging, export of LinkedIn profiles.

However, it is another automation tool for LinkedIn. It sequences your actions according to specific deadlines and conditions while remaining within the daily limits set by LinkedIn.

Here are some pros and cons of Prospectin:

Prospectin Pros

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Increase your targeting performance
  • Improve your conversion rates
  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Time saver

Prospectin Cons

  • No sequence or template is available
  • Lacks in Customer Support
  • No duplicate security

However, if you want to streamline your business operations, this tool will make LinkedIn prospecting easier. You will also export any LinkedIn profile and learn from powerful analytics to enhance your outreach strategies.

Why choose Dripify LinkedIn automation in 2022?

Dripify is a multi-functional LinkedIn automation tool designed to improve the quality of LinkedIn leads and close more deals. Dripify is a great tool for LinkedIn lead generation on autopilot. Whether you are an entrepreneur, digital marketer, or agency, small or large business, it fits everyone’s needs well.

Here are some key features to choose Dripify LinkedIn automation in 2022:

  • Automated sales funnel
  • Export data to CSV files
  • LinkedIn analytics
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • LinkedIn Team management
  • Built-in Messenger tool
  • Well-organized dashboard
  • Integration with 1000+ tools and extensions
  • Advanced safety algorithm

Why choosing Dripify over Prospectin

In this section, we have compared Dripify over Prospectin based on feature, analysis, pricing, safety, control, customer service, safety, and more:


Key Features Dripify Prospectin
Free Trial Yes (7 days) Yes (7 days)
Web Access Yes No
Advanced Analytics Yes No
Lead Export/Import Yes Yes
A/B testing  Yes Yes
In-Built Messenger Yes No
24/7 customer support Yes No
Activity Control Yes No
Team performance tracking Yes No
Overall Account activity Yes Yes
Bulk Messages Yes Yes
Auto-follow/like content Yes No
Campaign stats Yes Yes
Recent action tracker Yes No


However, Dripify is better than Prospectin. Besides, using Prospectin alternative shows better results. Here we have listed some facts:

  1. Dripify shows a 77% Acceptance Rate: 
  • You get the auto-follow, Like, or View profiles of those who ignore your connection requests.
  • Use 15+ variables in the invitation note to improve personalization
  • A/B test connection request notes
  1. Dripify shows a 59% Message Response Rate:
  • Warm leads up by Auto Endorsing, Viewing, Liking, and Following before sending sales messages.
  • Use “Message viewed” and “Message replied” triggers
  • Improve message template personalization by using 15+ variables
  1. Dripify show an 81% Overall Conversion Rate: 
  • Advanced access campaign building
  • Close deals faster
  • A/B test campaigns and watch detailed performance analytics


If you want to handle your LinkedIn account, the Dripify LinkedIn automation tool is something that you can try. It can successfully manage numerous accounts without compromising data security. You can just check the Dripify reviews on G2 to find more information.

It also covers concepts like daily automation, targeting management, dashboard visualization, auto-follow, and more. So, if you want to enhance customer engagement and interaction or create a personalized brand image, give it a try to the LinkedIn Dripify.

You don’t need to pay any charges for the trial; enjoy the basic features with a FREE trial plan, but if you want, you can easily upgrade your plan as per your preferences.

Lastly, using the right marketing automation software can help you to boost your engagement, draw traffic and enhance the visibility of your social media posts. Overall, this can help you to bring traffic, generate leads and enhance your revenue.

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