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NFL Over/Under Win Totals for 2022

The NFL offseason is flying by and the over/under win totals for the upcoming 2022 regular season are already coming out betting-wise. There are some teams that will obviously be better than others. It will be interesting to see who improves in 2022 and who will fall in 2022.

The NFL Draft will take place this weekend. Teams’ futures for 2022 and beyond will be decided tonight. What are some of the over/under win totals for 2022 for the first six NFL teams?

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals’ projected win total for 2022 is nine games and the over/under money line is -115. Arizona won double-digit games last season. The Cardinals are going to hit the over because the NFC is not as good as it has been in the past.

Kliff Kingsbury is the head coach of this football team. Kyler Murray will probably get his long-term money at the quarterback position after picking up his fifth-year option though. 

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have their over/under at 4.5 with a money line of -125 for the over and -105 for the under. It is very possible to take the under in this situation. They are going to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season.

Matt Ryan is not around anymore. Marcus Mariota will be the starting quarterback this year for this football team most likely. Head Coach Arthur Smith is in for a bumpy ride this year and a total rebuild. 

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens’ win total this year is 9.5. The over is a money line is -140 and the under 9.5 is +110. Baltimore went 8-3 last year to start before losing their last six games of the regular season due to injuries. That is not going to happen again under head coach John Harbaugh and quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Bet the over 9.5 wins for the Baltimore Ravens this year and they are probably going to win the AFC North division this season. They will be the Cincinnati Bengals’ number-one threat. Baltimore will get this ship right.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills might be the best team in the NFL entering the 2022 season thanks to quarterback Josh Allen and head coach Sean McDermott. They had the top-ranked defense a season ago in the NFL and have a high-powered octane offense. 

The win total for Buffalo this season is 11.5. The over 11.5 wins money line is -130 and the under is an even +100 money line. Bet the over 11.5 total wins for the Buffalo Bills. They might go 13-4 or 14-3 this year.

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers only won five games last season after starting out 3-0. The over/under win total for Carolina this season is 5.5. The over money line is -125 and the under money line is -105. For right now, I would take the under because Sam Darnold is still the starting quarterback of this football team.

They need a major upgrade for head coach Matt Rhule at that quarterback position because Rhule will be on thin ice if they don’t win a lot of games this season. Owner David Tepper is very impatient about a lot of things.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears’ projected win total this season is seven wins. The over money line is +105 and the under money line is -135. The under money line makes more sense for this football team right now. Quarterback Justin Fields was not that good last season and they have a defensive-minded guy as head coach in Matt Eberflus after Matt Nagy got fired last year. 

This could be a very long year for the Chicago Bears once again in the NFC North.

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