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Make Money Safely Online with a VPN

It is reported that up to 44% of Americans, and 48% of Australians, already have or plan to find some kind of side hustle. The good news is that it is often a passion or a drive to do something creative or fun that makes these side gigs attractive and not the need to make extra income. However, in today’s tough financial climate, many people are looking to supplement their income in other ways.

The internet has allowed people to make money in all manner of ways that didn’t even exist just a decade or so ago. Influencers can make millions of dollars in some instances, and travellers can supplement their foreign trips by blogging.

Using the internet has some security risks though, and a VPN can help. 50% of internet users have expressed deep concern about online privacy. This may be one reason why VPN downloads surged from 277 million in 2020 to 785 million in 2021.

One interesting VPN statistic is about awareness and use. 85% of adults understand these apps and how they work, yet only 41% actually use VPNs to access the internet.

A VPN can be a useful tool for improving safety online, and it can also help you to earn money online if used creatively.

How can a VPN help you to make money?

VPNs can be put to great use when surfing the net. They can mask your IP address, encrypt your data, and funnel your information through an intermediary keeping it away from hackers.

These features can assist in several ways to make money in your downtime too. Here are some of the ways you can use a VPN to generate some extra cash and save some.

Online gaming and sports betting

It should be noted from the off that there is no guarantee you will make any money in an online casino or by betting. However, if you enjoy these activities, then you can place bets through a VPN in different sportsbooks throughout the world.

The reasons for using a VPN for betting are three-fold. First, you protect your information keeping you safer online. Second, you can access casinos and sportsbooks that are blocked in your country. And third, you can set up multiple accounts from different locations to take advantage of free bets and bonuses. This last approach could make you a profit without any cash outlay.

Become a VPN reseller

One way to make money directly from a VPN is to become a reseller. There are a number of legitimate reseller schemes available. Just as you can sell white-label hosting, you can do the same with VPNs.

This means that you would market and sell VPN downloads through your own branded website. You can add your own colours and logo to the VPN product, and sell it as your own.

Access limited offers and special prices overseas

One niche area on the internet for making money is to sell limited edition sneakers. These are sold by brands to their fanbase, and ideally, they are kept away from resellers.

Yet, a VPN lets you access these special offers regardless of which region they are offered in. Geo-restricted offers are open to anyone using a VPN to change location, and many special offers can be located this way. Afterward, it is just a matter of re-selling whatever products you have bought.

Save money on entertainment

You can’t make physical money this way, but you can save on your regular outgoings if you subscribe to streaming platforms. There are many factors when streaming movies, and the cost of subscriptions and the quality of the content are two.

You can use a VPN to gain access to foreign streaming sites, thus getting extra content for free. But, even better, you can check out free trials that are only available in other regions.

Write blogs and content

Many websites are looking for content writers, but they restrict who can apply by geographical location. This is because they often only want native English speakers.

This hampers anyone who has emigrated to a country not approved by the website operator. A VPN can get around this by switching the server address to the UK, Australia, or the US. There are many different apps for travellers, and a VPN can be a vital inclusion.

Teaching English online abroad

If you plan to head off and be a digital nomad teaching English then you should get a VPN. Some countries block many websites, and some of these may be valuable resources for your lesson planning.

China for instance blocks all social media, and that includes YouTube which can be valuable for getting lesson ideas. Teaching changed during Covid and 1.2 billion children were without a classroom. Online teaching boomed, and now millions of parents want their children to take extracurricular lessons this way.


All of these methods can help you to make money, or at least reduce outgoings. But, they can’t be done without a VPN. Or at least in the case of teaching overseas, a VPN could be useful for locating resources.

You could also find yourself locked out of your preferred payment gateway, so a VPN could be useful here too.

Even if you aren’t looking to make money, or to increase your streaming options, a VPN should still be used simply for extra security and data protection.

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