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  Inexpensive pool gift ideas for Christmas

The best time of the year in Australia is Christmas Day – you won’t find snow, mulled wine and a steaming roast turkey in the southern hemisphere, but Aussies still enjoy a cool yule. For anyone living Down Under, the ideal Christmas Day includes splashing around in a pool in the scorching sunshine.

What better way to celebrate Christmas Day than with new pool toys unwrapped that very morning? We bring you good tidings and inexpensive great gift ideas guaranteed to suit friends and family at the festive time of year.

Inflatable pool slides

An inflatable pool slide will provide endless hours of fun. Set it up by the edge of the pool of your and connect a garden hose to create a spray on the slide for maximum slip. Children will giggle with happiness as they bounce down into the water. They’ll be tired in no time – which is always a parenting win!

Pool basketball set

Basketball sets for swimming pools are a great addition to any pool. They are designed to be shorter in height with the bases weighted down. Why not encourage your children to shoot the hoop? If the ball rebounds against the backboard, it will bounce back into the water, prompting a mad rush to grab it.

Ramp up your competitive streak. Pool basketball can be a high-intensity, full-on sport, or if you prefer, you can do solo shots by yourself. It’s a winning gift – whichever way you play it. Don’t have a fibreglass pool yet? Contact a pool builder in Sydney.

Bluetooth speakers

Of course, at Christmas time you need festive music. Portable music devices have come a long way from shoulder-carry battery-operated boomboxes of the eighties. For today’s poolside entertainment, just connect a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to tunes on your phone or laptop.

You can even buy ones that will float on water, while you lounge around on an inflatable lapping up the atmosphere.

Fitness belts

If you have a competitive fitness fanatic who loves swimming, why not consider a swim belt to help promote more intense exercise in the pool? The flotation device straps around your middle. Tone and improve your abdominal area and leg and arm muscles while carrying out some exercise routines. You can concentrate on technique because your head will always be above water.

Pool floats

Relaxing by your pool on a sun lounger sounds idyllic, but why not swap it for a recliner that will float on the water?  For maximum relaxation, buy one with built-in cupholders and sunshades.

For the perfect Christmas photo – opt for a Flamingo float. It’s a must-have accessory for any social media lover – a novelty pool float that will be a scroll stopper on any social media platform.

A fibreglass pool is the perfect family addition to your home, especially at Christmas when you can create festive family memories to last the whole year.

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