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How to Make Christmas Cards using Copic Markers

Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday since childhood. We are waiting for it like a little miracle, hoping that it will bring us all the best and brightest. However, it is often difficult to find a few minutes to stop and enjoy this magical atmosphere in the rhythm of life of a big city, its Christmas rush with buying gifts and preparing for the holiday. Today we offer you to tune in to the holiday wave, create a Christmas mood for yourself and make a Christmas card, and at the same time make a gift for your loved ones that has a piece of your soul in it.

So, today we will create a postcard using Copic markers.

Necessary art materials:

  • Thick paper;
  • A simple pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Waterproof liners;
  • Copic Markers ;
  • White and black gel pen.


Step 1: Make a pencil sketch of a Christmas card

We begin to draw a Christmas drawing with a pencil sketch. We take a simple pencil and begin to mark where we will have the main object – a car with presents. After that, we will note snowdrifts and three trees in the background. The car can be divided into simpler geometric shapes – a cube and a parallelepiped. We should also note the inscription on our card.

Step 2: We outline the pencil sketch of the Christmas composition with a liner

We outline the contour of the Christmas drawing with a thin Copic Multiliner. We give the trees a wavy contour, as well as snow, and erase unnecessary pencil lines.

Step 3: Make a Christmas card with markers

Now we will learn how to draw a New Year’s card with markers. Let’s start with the car and completely paint it with a blue shade. Then we take yellow, green, red and blue markers and color the presents in the car. Next, take a cold dark green shade and note the branches of our firs. To do this, we use the thin marker and with sharp movements, show our branches in the course of their growth (from top to bottom). We will definitely leave a white sheet of paper somewhere as it will be an imitation of snow. After the first layer, we will lay a second layer in some places to darken the color, thereby giving the Christmas tree even more volume. Now let’s get down to the snow, take the light gray cold shade, and mark the snowdrifts.


Step 4: Draw the details of the Christmas drawing with markers

Let’s start detailing the drawing. Let’s take a dark blue and paint it over the car somewhere. Moreover, we can add points to the present in the car using this shade. Then we take the dark green and add it to the trees. Do not be afraid to pass them on top of our composition of cars and trees, as they do the composition deeply. Add details to the car: draw wheels, tires, handles, and headlights. Use a dark gray shade to draw the road along which the car is traveling. Try not to use black in your work, as there is no such color in nature.

Step 5: Draw shadows on the drawing with markers

Darken the corners of the car and the presents, and make the same with the toys on the trees.

Step 6: Draw the details of the New Year’s drawing with a white pen and background markers

Snow always requires a lot of white gel pens! So we do not skimp and actively add it to the snow. We also do not forget to add snow on the Christmas trees and on the car. Let’s add falling snow from the sky, according to the same principle that we used earlier. Now let’s add a background: take a light blue shadow and print the sky, somewhere past white places, so that card looks light. In some places, finish small circles on top of a black gel pen. And the final touch is the inscription. Marked it first with the liner, and then use more confidently with the liner with a special brush tip. It remains to add the date and signature!

So that’s it. We hope you enjoyed the master class and you got beautiful postcards that will please your loved ones. Remember that creativity is limitless and always listen to your heart, dreams, and fantasies. Sometimes not everything works out the first time, but we are sure that each drawing is unique and inimitable. Choosing markers and thick paper pay attention to the paints, sketchbooks, pencils, and embroidery scissors.

We wish you great holidays. May the new year be filled with joy, smiles, and laughter. We wish everyone that dreams come true, all the goals set were achieved, and everyone would be happy in the new year. After all, happiness includes health, love, and success. So, be happy and have a good holiday!

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