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How Can Beauty Salons Save Energy?

As much as we want to believe natural beauty is within ourselves, we live in a superficial society where outer beauty matters the most.

Enter beauty salons that can practice conserving energy by adopting the following practices.

Natural Lighting

Your energy bill wouldn’t result in a massive figure if you were taking advantage of natural lighting. Provide ample light to your staff, so they don’t need to turn on LED lights every time a client walks in. The easiest way to do this is with large windows. Visit the establishment before you set up everything else to learn more about the direction and timings of the sunlight.

You can keep the lights off when you open the salon in the morning. However, this practice depends on the time of the day, services to the client, and the weather. Of course, you won’t keep the lights off on a cloudy gray day.

LED Bulbs

Lighting expenditure is almost half of the total expenses. Finding ways to reduce it will lower your costs overall. Therefore, utility bidder suggest you shift to using LED bulbs. They are environmentally friendly and won’t put a strain on your bank account.

LED bulbs are also more luminous. Your staff will do even a better job with significant lighting. It will result in more precision by the nail technicians, better haircuts, and hair treatments. Lighting is always the best way to start when you have decided to cut down on your expenses.

Equipment and Washing

When you are not using the fancy equipment placed in your salon, don’t forget to turn them off. The equipment includes curlers, straighteners, curing lamps, and hair dryers. These machines are consuming electricity even when they are in sleep mode. Turn them on as needed to reduce energy expenses.

Owners cannot ignore solon hygiene, nor are we asking you to. However, when washing towels and cleaning wipes, you may wash them on a gentle hot cycle. Rinse them at a cooler temperature to conserve energy and reduce your electricity bill.

Heating Expenses

Other than lighting, heating expenses contribute most to the expenses. You can reduce the bills by over ten percent by reducing the temperature inside your beauty establishment by one degree Celsius. And we doubt your staff and customers will notice the difference too since they are visiting the shop temporarily.

Continuing with the heating expenses, getting your boiler checked regularly for repair and maintenance can significantly reduce your expenses. The older the machinery comes, the more it will consume energy. This is primarily because of worn-down parts working extra hard to do the same amount of work it used to do when it was new.

Why Should We Save Energy?

Climate change has been more evident than ever this year. Therefore, it would be wise to do our part to save our planet by practicing the tips mentioned above. Thinking of the bigger and safer picture is just as essential to surviving before it is too late.


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