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Everything You Need To Know About On-Demand Refrigerated Delivery

Many products need to be delivered quickly and in a controlled environment, this ensures they arrive in the same condition that they were sent. The most common example is fresh food as it will perish if delivery takes too long or if it is subject to extreme temperatures.

The logical solution is to use refrigerated transport. This can be a lorry, plane, or even a train. The container is sealed and chilled with a thermometer and recording mechanism to ensure the right temperature range is maintained at all times.

This is the perfect solution for larger companies that have plenty of products needing to be shipped. They can arrange for regular transport or even invest in their own refrigerated transport.

But, if you’re a smaller business with a less predictable need for refrigerated transport, it can be harder to get the best service.

That’s when you’ll want to use reputable refrigerated couriers. A quick check on the internet and with other small firms will ensure you verify the authenticity of the service and its reputation. YOU can then give them a call.

Order On-demand

As the name suggests, this is an on-demand service. You will need to create a customer account with them first. This gives them all the relevant charging information and saves time when you need to place an order.

When you do need to use them you can call the business and explain what you need. They’ll want to know the volume of goods being transported, where it is heading, where the pickup is if different to your location, and when you need the service.

The company will then give you a price. If you’re happy with this the contract will be booked in and you can focus on running your business. The refrigerated courier will turn up at the agreed time and your goods will be loaded.

It’s normal for the delivery driver to load as they will know where everything needs to go depending on their overall load, destination, and number of drops.


The best thing about a reputable company is knowing that your goods will get there at the agreed time and they will stay refrigerated for the entire journey.

You can add temperature monitors to the packages which will change colour if the temperature goes above or below the designated range.

However, most modern transport companies have temperature tracking systems in the trucks and these can be monitored remotely, ensuring they know if there is an issue.

You may be able to access these logs but, in most cases, you simply need to trust the service you have chosen.


In most cases, the delivery goes without a hitch. However, there are times when things happen outside of the control of the delivery company. This can affect the temperature and quality of your products. To protect yourself and your business it is advisable to have insurance for goods in transit. It can help prevent a delivery issue from becoming a financial disaster.


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