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Call center: the Most Important KPIs to monitor and the Tools to do so

Monitoring key performance indicators inside your call center is basically like going to the doctor to make sure that you are healthy. You shouldn’t become obsessive about it, but you shouldn’t be to passive either. Otherwise, something may happen to break, that you won’t be able to fix in the long run. Here is a closer look at the KPIs of a call center and how to monitor them.

Choosing the Right Business Phone System

Ultimately, if you want to make sure that you have the right tools to monitor your KPIs, you will need to acquire the right business phone system. Today, companies offering this service, such as Aircall, work on VoIP systems, that let you integrate all the mobile apps and other software that you may need, to make sure that the call center is working well, and growing as you expected it to. But ultimately, what you will want is not to suffer from an overload of data, which you won’t be able to transfer into solutions. When you are working in the Cloud, it can often be tempting to jump on all the tools you see, thinking that you will optimize your company in that way. But it can be dangerous, as you will lose yourself in data search, instead of making sure that the key performance indicators are all in the green.

Environment Security and Health of the System

By choosing the right service provider, for your VoIP business system, you are also guaranteeing one of the most important KPI of all: Environment security and health. Since companies like Aircall are the one managing the system, they handle that part of the business. Choosing well, will mean that the whole system will be monitored closely for potential security issues, at all time. You need a provider that will guarantee you a “zero-day” vulnerability, which means that the security is so high, they assure their customers that there will never be a security threat on the system they are using. Keep in mind that a system that goes down would mean that you would lose touch with your customers for a moment; something totally unacceptable.

Cost Optimization

Of course, costs are part of the KPIs that call center need to keep a close eye upon. It is often the difference that will make a call center interesting for new clients, or not. If you pay too much for your business phone system, it will be reflected on the price you charge, as well. But when it comes to cost optimization for a call center, you need to look at the difference between moving from hardware to the Cloud. The difference should be quite substantial, enough to change your price list entirely and to make you ultra-competitive. Keep an eye on the costs as you grow, to make sure that additional services that you acquire don’t weigh too heavy on your daily expenses.

In conclusion, remember that you should always be aware of the situation regarding all of the KPIs inside your company, but that in the end, it will greatly depend on your main provider, which is the one that will take care of your business phone system.

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