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BUSD to FTM: Predictions 2022

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, making it possible to make good money on the difference in exchange rates. As a result, this financial instrument is attractive for long-term investments, but it is difficult to use for everyday payments.

On the other hand, digital currencies can, over time, not only rise in price but also fall in price, as it was during the crypto winter, literally two years ago. So there is a way out.

What is FTM?

Fantom coin is the crypto developed by the Fantom platform — a service aimed at speeding the crypto transactions up to and making them more secure. Fantom was launched as one of the networks used to compete with Ethereum in 2019. The developers wanted to solve the main market trilemma and find crypto the perfect decentralization, security, and scalability balance.

The Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (aBFT) PoS regulates the infrastructure of Fantom by providing a stable base for the platform’s functioning. This approach guaranteed maximum safety.

FTM is widely used to ensure security at the maximum speed. The system players love FTM for an eco-aware approach and seasonal bonuses. Moreover, if you pay via Fantom coin on their platform, the commission will be really low. Thus, traders and crypto experts invest in FTM to receive fast and secure exchanges with minimal risks. Visit the Alligat0r platform to find out about other safe ways to invest. For instance, check the EOSDT price.

What is BUSD?

Crypto owners can fix profits or ensure against losses while remaining on the blockchain. You just need to convert regular crypto to stable digital coins backed by traditional assets, for example, US dollars or gold. Sometimes the role of the collateral asset is played by the top cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The stable coin BUSD provides the freedom to move money between the blockchain and the traditional financial system. Incidentally, this is far from the first stable asset issued by Binance. For example, the exchange already trades stable coins pegged to the British pound sterling (BGBP) and digital gold, backed by bitcoins (BTCB).

BUSD token appeared in the fall of 2019. The dollar reserve of the cryptocurrency is held in vaults at regulated financial institutions Paxos Trust Company, which has offices in New York and Singapore. Unlike the BNB cryptocurrency, stable coin is issued according to the ERC-20 standard.

Immediately after the appearance of the token, exchange pairs with BTC, Ripple, and BNB were launched on the Binance exchange. In the future, developers began to introduce new options for the adaptation and development of digital coins as part of decentralized financing projects.

BUSD to FTM Predictions

The Binance USD growth predictions are always based on internal patterns of the crypto market and obvious changes in the technological industry. On the Alligat0r platform, you can check the rates of different crypto pairs, BUSD to FTM included. The rate, for now, is 0.396, according to Binance. The pair’s volatility as of November 15 is 4.23%.

Finally, stable crypto coins are needed to transfer national currencies to the blockchain and protect them from inflation. Digital tokens do not wear out, they cannot be counterfeited, and the issue is strictly regulated. Thus, it will always be profitable to invest in BUSD.


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