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Best transcription services to improve your business

Business is not easy. It wasn’t easy in the past when there were no innovations. Yet it didn’t become easier nowadays since innovations solved some problems but created new ones. There are a lot of things to do to make a business successful, like:

  • analyze the audience;
  • analyze its wishes;
  • get to know competitors;
  • understand the digital world.

This list is almost nonexhaustive. Yet, the understanding of the digital world is among the top things to run a business successfully nowadays. Social media marketing, video marketing, SEO, and so on – all of these things define the level of brand awareness and popularity. Even transcription is very important for making a business successful since it affects SEO ratings. Thus, many companies started to use automated transcription software for their podcasts and videos.

However, such software doesn’t provide a high-quality transcription itself. You always have to check the results and make edits. Since you have to spend more time on this transcription.

As soon as a lot of companies don’t want to hire a transcriptionist, they delegate this task to professional transcription services. In this case, we decided to create a list of top transcription companies for business.


We want to start with Transcriberry.com. This company appeared on the market and got attention immediately. Their unique feature is that they have their own huge team of experts in different fields. Thus, even if you have a very complex recording in Medicine, Engineering, or Computer sciences, you can rely on this company.

We tried to use their services and got perfect results. We don’t need a transcription now, but our goal was to check the responsibilities and effectiveness of the company. So we asked to transcribe a video interview of low-quality with a lot of interruptions and side-sounds.

The result is perfect. Transcriberry team managed to catch difficult words, divide the whole interview into time sections, and even pointed each phrase to a certain speaker. In general, we are fully satisfied.

They charge $1.25 per minute, and we thought that they would change the cost since we had a complex project. Moreover, we were ready for such a term. Nonetheless, they said that such a project is very easy for them. And this fact surprised us a lot.

Also, we were pleased with a support team. We communicated for about 2 hours to get all the information about the company and their approaches. The support agent was very polite. He provided us with all the necessary information.

So we had nothing to complain about. Transcriberry.com is worth your attention. Whenever you need a reliable transcription service, you can turn to this company.


Rev is one more company that surprised us a lot. We gave them the same file as for the Transcriberry team. Moreover, we placed orders at the same time to define the fastest result. To make it more interesting for ourselves, we even competed in our office on this issue. Most of our colleagues thought that Rev would be the first since they have more experience.

However, the Transcriberry team managed to finish the order in 10 hours, while the Rev team finished it in 13 hours. Yet the result was perfect as well. We got a verbatim transcription of our interview with all the pauses and interruptions.

We had an opportunity to communicate with our professional human transcriber, so he showed progress every time we asked about it. He was very polite and explained everything that he did with our interview.

The price for audio to text transcription from Rev is $1.25 as well. However, their support manager said that if we have a very complex project, the price may be higher.


Our partners recommended turning to Otter when we had to transcribe some videos for our posts. According to recommendations, this company can manage everything connected with video to text transcription. Thus, we even didn’t check the legal information and placed an order.

The result was amazing. Their team created great transcription files and even added subtitles to our videos. We didn’t have to edit anything. Moreover, we didn’t ask for a revision since all the requirements were satisfied.

We were pleased that they shared some information about the assigned transcriber and even proposed to choose another one if we wanted. We didn’t use this option. However, such an approach is very client-oriented.

They charge $1.25 per minute as well. However, the price depends on the topic and recording quality. Thus, if we provide them with the same video-interview as for Transcriberry or Rev, we would have to pay more.


TranscribeMe is a company that can surprise you with its innovative approach. Mostly, they use automated transcription software to translate audio to text for business. The reason is that most recordings in modern business are of high quality, so AI can easily manage the task.

Such an approach allows them to complete even the most urgent orders. However, we don’t like such an approach since the customer has no options to choose from. You can ask for manual transcription if you want. Yet, the TranscribeMe support agent will do everything to encourage you to order automated ones.

They have 3 packages of prices. First is $0.79 per minute, but the accuracy is 98%, and you will get the transcription from the first draft. Thus, there is a chance that you will need some revisions. The standard package is $1.25 per minute, and it guarantees 99% accuracy. The final, verbatim package is $2 per minute. You will get accurate audio to text transcription.


GoTranscript company has a wide range of services. You can even ask for creating subtitles as a separate service. In this case, you can upload a file with transcription and ask GoTranscript experts to make edits and add the transcription to the video according to timestamps.

However, they have a unique approach to price formation. The price for transcription services for business depends on the urgency. If you need very urgent assistance (6-12 hours), you have to pay $2.5 per minute, while for 5-day delivery, you have to pay only $0.9 per minute.

Nonetheless, they provide high-quality services. GoTranscript company has a very positive online reputation. We placed a test order with a 3-days delivery time and were fully satisfied. We asked our transcriber for one revision, and he gladly agreed to do this.


Transcription is very important for business nowadays. However, most of the companies don’t need transcription everyday. Thus, there is no reason to hire a professional human transcriber to the office. In this case, most businesses turn to online transcription websites. If you need transcription for your business, choose one of the companies from our list above and satisfy your business needs.


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