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Australian Horses at the Cheltenham Festival

Great Britain is very involved in horse racing. Some of the biggest horse races in the UK are also some of the biggest in the world and generate a lot of money. A large part of this sum comes from betting on equestrian sports. This popular sport is linked to the origin of the Thoroughbred horse breed. This popular crossbreed was made in England and is valued for its speed, agility and sprinting. It was created with the intention of being the tallest species of horse and is still the most popular when it comes to horse racing. But what about Australian horses, do they have the ability to compete at the Cheltenham Festival? We bring you some answers thanks to Ciaron Maher who is a famous Australian coach and who dreams of being the first coach in history to win one of the prestigious Cheltenham races.

The Cheltenham Festival, the Biggest Horse Racing Event in England

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest horse racing events in the UK. Its total purse is a few million pounds, spread over 4 days of organized Tier 1 racing. The Cheltenham Festival which was established in 1860 is the highlight of the horse racing calendar in England. Many bookmakers offer online advice and free bonuses to allow you to try your luck betting on the event. They also propose to inform you live on the cheltenham racing results. It is worth mentioning that bettors are betting hundreds of millions during the show which this year will take place from Tuesday March 15 to Friday March 18, 2022 (it takes place in March each year). The Cheltenham Gold Cup is a jumping race which holds the highest award. But this competition has not always been paid so well. At the time, the Gold Cup winner only brought in £685! Of course, a lot has changed since the first race in 1924 and the success of this cup has placed it as a staple of the festival.

The Cheltenham Festival, an Australian Dream

The Cheltenham horse racing championship is the second most important in England. It regularly coincides with Saint Patrick’s Day. For 4 days, the best English and Irish horses compete in races, but there are still no Australian horses. The championship opens on day one with a race titled “Champion Day”. European racehorses have made a habit of heading Down Under to win Australia’s biggest flat races. But can the Aussies beat the Brits and Irish at England’s most famous horse racing event, the Cheltenham Festival. Ciaron Maher, a famous trainer located in Australia, dreams of being the first trainer in history to win one of the prestigious races at Cheltenham which for him represents the pinnacle of turf jump racing. Having gained extensive experience as a racehorse trainer in Britain and Ireland, Ciaron Maher, who is based in Warnambool and trains both thoroughbred flat and show jumping horses, would like to take one of his star riders halfway around the world and win at Cheltenham to bring honour to his country, Australia. That dream was truly cemented when his star jumper Bashboy made history with a third victory in the Australian Grand National when ridden by Cheltenham Festival top jockey Ruby Walsh. He said: “I would love to bring a horse there (to the Cheltenham Festival). Australia now imports a lot of stayers, and I recently bought a horse. I believe! I think he’s a pretty good horse and I’ve also raced him in a hurdle class, which he seemed pretty good at. I don’t know if there has ever been an Aussie horse race at the Cheltenham Festival. I should do my homework on that, but Cheltenham is the pinnacle of jump racing and if I had a good enough one, I’d love to bring him over. I’ve worked in Britain and Ireland, but never been to Cheltenham. I would love to get there next year if I can. What would it take for an Australian horse to win at Cheltenham? The Australian does not question the quality of the high-level horses that there are in Great Britain and Ireland. The top horses at the Cheltenham Festival are serious machines and Australian horses have yet to prove themselves.

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