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Are there strategies you can follow when playing online casino games?

Ready to play some online casino games? You probably don’t want to go into it without a plan, so what are some of the strategies that you can follow to try and increase your chances of winning?

Of course, it is always a game of chance, and you rely on a bit of luck, but strategies are designed to try and improveyour chances of winning.

Use a reliable casino

This is more about making sure you have a fair and reliable casino and that you can rest assured that their policies are fair and regulated. Guts casino accepts players from NZ as well as in Australia, so people in other countries can try their selection of games. You should ensure that you choose a good, fair casino to employyour strategies with. You may even use high-tech methods such as using your phone to pay to play.

Choose games involving some skill

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to slot games if that is what you prefer, but you can also choose games of skill if you would rather, which means that you can at least have some impact on the outcome by choosing how to wager. A game such asblackjack can be a good option.

In blackjack, the outcome is random, but you can choose whether to stick or whether to let the dealer hit you with more cards. The odds of you winning change with your decisions. While you can always experiencea bit of bad luck, having a strategy is always a good idea and this means you might be able toprofit even over the long term.

Weigh risk against reward

Casinos actually pay out most of what they receive as winnings, but if you risk all of your money on one spin of the roulette wheel, for instance, then there is every chance that you are going to end up losing on one spin. This is especially true if you choose to playa gamethat has a lower chance of winning.

For instance, if you put all of your money on the spin of the wheel, betting on double zero — the longest odds available —then your money may be lost in one go. The maximum return is possible, but you may also lose money in no time. If you spread the stake over 20 spins, the return on each is lower if you do manage to win, but you also greatly increase your chances of staying in the game. So, you can see how it is all about risk against reward.

Choose games with a lower house edge

The house always wins, right? Well, casinos have to make a profit, but it is all about luck. You may be able to check out which games have the highest payout rate. Casinos may publish this information so you can see exactly what percentage of money staked gets paid out to the customers again, so the chances of incurringa loss are a bit lower.

Blackjack, craps and video varieties of poker are some of the best games for players when it comes to the house edge. The odds are still in the house’s favour, but not quite to the same extent.

Learn a game well

Okay, for some games that are totally down to chance, such as most slots games, it doesn’t really matter if you are going to learn them well or not, the chances of winning remain the same. However, if you are playing a game such as poker or blackjack, you are better off sticking with the game to learn exactly how it works. This way, you will gradually understand more about the methods some people use, and the likelihood of certain hands proving to be winners for you.

Practice with free games

Some casinos give you the chance to play for fake money, just to see what the games are like. This is a good way to gain an understanding of how a game works before you part with any cash, and even see which games you like best.


There are definitely some strategies out there that you can follow, and different people tend to take slightly different approaches when it comes to playing games online. Take a little time to do some research on the casino you are going to use as well as the methods you plan to implement. You may be able to increase your chances, just make sure you continue to gamble responsibly and within what you can afford.

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