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8 Top Dental Marketing Strategies From Experts

The majority of dental clinics we encountered have wonderful personnel who go above and beyond for each customer. They also have a regular clientele coming in for cleanings, fillings, and other procedures.


However, there’s just one minor hiccup. Many of these dental clinics in Oshawa are unsure how to spread the message. How do we get the word out about our services? How can we convert inquiries into procedures?

  • Know your target audience

Are you primarily targeting the elderly, kids, or families with your practice?

Many individuals are apprehensive about dental work, so make your brand as kind and approachable as possible. Remember that women determine 90% of all familial health care choices, regardless of who your target audience is.

Modern female clients are tech-savvy and know how to search for information on the Internet. She needs to make the best decision she can for her family. She isn’t looking for a product; she is looking for a service. As a result, you need to adjust your marketing methods to appeal to today’s female head of household.

Before making a decision, most women browse around and conduct extensive research. Fill your webpage with informative, relevant material to give them exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Publish excellent content

Will content still reign supreme in 2022? Absolutely. Content on your website might help you exhibit your knowledge and competence to new patients. It’s what Google displays as a result of a search. It adds value to your SEO campaign. Consistently posting and sharing relevant and informative content on your website or social media channels help increase your search engine rankings.

However, there is a catch. It’s not going to work if the content is rushed and irrelevant. Content marketing is all about quality and performance. When people search on Google, they want valuable, relevant information given to them. People want what they’re looking for, so give it to them.

If a searcher arrives on your site only to leave 10 seconds later, you most certainly have a page speed issue, which will certainly increase bounce rate and affect your SERP ranking. Don’t just make content because everyone else is doing it. Put on your thinking cap and imagine yourself as a potential patient. “What is my primary target patient seeking?” you might wonder.

You could offer advice on how to deal with dental phobia. Alternatively, you may respond to a query like “How can I recognize if I have periodontitis?” The objective is to figure out what they’re searching for and then provide it.

  • Make the most of social media

Social media is an excellent venue for highlighting your dental practice’s unique selling qualities and for managing your reputation. It involves not only sharing positive patient feedback but also dealing fairly and openly with the odd less-than-ideal patient experience and working to rapidly fix it.

Increased organic traffic via networking, likes, shares, page views, and referrals can help increase your online presence and website’s SEO position. Paid advertising is available on most social media platforms, allowing you to promote your services.

Visual storytelling through photographs and videos is Instagram’s defining feature. Facebook is the top social network for marketing, with innovations like Facebook Stories and Facebook Live attracting attention. An algorithm in Facebook’s sponsored ads is constantly working to improve audience targeting.

Engage in relevant dialogues, post a story teaser on Instagram, collaborate with a local personality, and share educational posts on social media. Dental clinics that use social media to attract new patients, generate leads, increase website traffic, and improve SEO exposure are highly effective.

If you really want effective social media campaigns, consider seeking the services of top digital marketing companies. They are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the digital marketing industry and the returns are always worth the extra cost.

  • Patient testimonials

Patient testimonials are another effective dental marketing strategy. Consumers are just as likely to trust online reviews as they are personal recommendations. Patient testimonials provide valuable “social proof” that your dental clinic in Brampton is as good as you say.

Starting with selections from written testimonials is a good idea. However, you should try producing a few live testimonials and reviews for maximum impact. This may appear intimidating or costly, but it is neither. Create a quiet space at your workplace with proper lighting and no distractions. To ensure high sound quality, you might also invest in a basic clip-on microphone.

Set your device on a tripod or other sturdy surface and press Start once you’ve found a receptive patient. Upload the video to your website after editing it. However,  before you upload the video online, make sure the patient signs a consent document.

  • Make sure your website keeps up with the times

Referrals from patients and expression advertising are still effective ways to expand your practice. However, to compete in today’s market, you must have a decent website. All of your marketing efforts should revolve around this.

When did you start working on your website? Is it outdated, or is it contemporary and modern? Visitors may think that you have an outdated practice if your site appears to be obsolete. Your webpage should also be mobile-friendly and responsive. Since 52% of patients use a tablet or smartphone to access the internet, your website should appear amazing on any device.

Your website’s SEO strategy from your top digital marketing company is critical since it ensures that it appears high in search engine results. High-quality content, such as images, videos, and blog articles, should also be included.

  • Consider paid ads

Paid ad strategies from top digital marketing companies are an excellent option if you require immediate, measurable results. Starting with Google is a good place to start. To enhance your click-through rate, personalize your ad copy (CTR). Highlight the most significant features of your practice, as well as what sets you apart from the competition.

  • Make sure calls to action are clear on your website

Visitors to your website must be capable of converting prospects into new patients. Ensure there’s also a clear call to action that encourages visitors to contact your practice.

This might be a clickable number to call that patients can call directly on the website or a “Request Appointment” button that allows your staff to reach out to that patient.

  • Improve Front Office Services

The purpose of your campaign is to get new patients on the phone. However, the average dental office only returns 23% of patient calls. If your marketing brings in 100 new patients, you won’t be able to schedule 77 of them.

Pay close attention to your front-office conversion and ensure that your team is well-versed in your offerings. Remember that the majority of the people who contact want to learn more about your services. They’ll have questions, and you’d better be sure your front-desk staff can answer them.

What is the most important component in converting phone calls into clients? Confidence. Clients can and will pick up on this in your front desk staff.

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