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7 Types of Online Casino Bonuses and How They Work

Many online casinos introduce bonuses to attract players to stay glued to their platform. Although different sites offer varying forms of bonuses, the end goal remains very similar. They aim to draw potential and new gamers and increase their user base. They also intend to encourage existing players and regular visitors of their sites to keep wagering and winning substantial cash.

However, these bonuses are usually very beneficial to users, and this is why you should take advantage of them. How they operate is normally stated in the terms and conditions guiding each of them. Different platforms have specific requirements that gamers are expected to meet before claiming their bonuses. Check this article to see the most popular bonuses and how they work.

1.   Welcome Bonuses

It is rare to find an online casino platform that does not offer some form of a welcome bonus. It is also known as the sign-up bonus and is meant to attract new gamers to register and deposit on the site. It usually matches your first deposit by 100% and can be capped at a certain amount as the casino desires. Although rare, you can get up to a 500% bonus on your first deposit.

To claim your welcome bonus, you need to make a minimum deposit. You should also check the precise requirements of the site before making a deposit. The website Olympia is a good online casino platform for you to explore welcome bonuses and start your journey to winning big.

2.   No Deposit Bonuses

This form of bonus is many people’s favourite because it is literally “free money”. It is designed for new players to try online casino games without having to deposit first. Since not all casinos offer the demo option, this bonus is good for people who want to test an online casino platform without risking money. It also helps first-time players to get familiar with the site and determine which games they enjoy most without risking personal funds.

There is usually no need to deposit or disclose your card information before getting this bonus. It is enough to only register. You also need to play through the bonus amount before you can cash out your winnings. There might be some limits to the games on which the cash can be used or the amount of money you can withdraw.

3.   Deposit Bonuses

This bonus comes in the form of a percentage match to the cash you deposit. It is similar to the welcome bonus, as you receive it after you make a deposit. It can even be three or four times more than your initial deposit. Furthermore, it essentially motivates new players to keep betting.

When your bonus is sticky, it means you have more time to wager with it. Where it is non-sticky, it means you have limited time. Bonuses up to 100% are normally used on table games like blackjack, while 200% bonuses or more are available on slot machines.

4.   Loyalty Bonuses

This type of bonus purposes to reward long-standing members of a particular casino. They are usually given to punters who consistently play their favourite casino games and reach certain milestones while playing them. These types of bonuses are normally higher and more beneficial than others.

Loyalty bonuses come in different forms, including loyalty points, level-up systems, missions or challenges, and many more. These can then be converted to bonus coins, free spins, wagering credits, tokens, etc.

5.   Cash Back Bonuses

This is a unique form of bonus that enables you to recuperate your gambling losses and recover your money. It also helps to increase the amount of play your money can buy you at the casino. Mostly, new punters enjoy this bonus, as they are reimbursed up to a specified amount when they lose their first money. These bonuses primarily apply to losses and not a positive account balance.

6.   Referral Bonuses

This is the bonus you get when introducing a new player to a casino platform. This means you get a bonus each time a new gamer registers and makes a deposit using your referral link. Although it is effective in getting more people to join a casino, but not all offer this bonus.

Final Thoughts

Majorly, to know how casino bonuses work, you must read the terms and conditions attached to each bonus the site offers you. You must also read the wagering requirements to know how many times you can play through the bonus to make a withdrawal. Taking advantage of these bonuses will definitely increase your chances of winning.


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