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6 Tips for Editing Instagram Reels To Promote Your business

Video marketing on Instagram is all the rage, all businesses are betting heavily on it. But is your business getting your reels right?

Unlike a normal reel content creator who sings and dances freely, your business has to create professional videos. To do this, you need to work with a video overlay software.

Whether you are a small business or a large one, the importance of video marketing on Instagram reels is undeniable.

So, it is imperative for your business to invest in video editing and create aesthetically pleasing video content. 

You can choose from a wide range of ready-to-use video templates and use them as your reels. This way, your videos will come across as professionally made.

Spending time on editing Instagram Reels provides great returns on investment. Online marketing video production is affordable using video editing software. For businesses to get started on their video journey, they should begin by understanding how to use a marketing video software so that their videos can reach millions on Instagram Reels.

Video marketing requires a creative mindset, and you have to produce high quality content to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some tips to create great Instagram Reels for your business

6 Tips for Editing Instagram Reels To Promote Your business

Create a unique brand story by video editing

Each brand offers something unique: stories about their founders, their culture and their products are often interesting. Video editing is a tool for storytelling. How well you can use it, determines how well your brand story is told.

Using video in marketing is the ultimate way for brands to gain followers and engage users.

If you are looking to start your own business or own a business, either ways, you must master the art of using a video marketing software. When businesses start their video journey, they must also prepare a video marketing plan.

This plan should outline their goals and the metrics by which they gauge success: likes, follows, leads and conversions.

Capture audiences with captioning software

Adding text to video online is a great way to reach out to users, who are watching mobile screens and tablets on silent mode. A captioning software lets you auto generate subtitles. This way you can connect with those watching Instagram Reels without sound.

An interesting case study is the use of closed captioning software for churches. It has been a boon for senior citizens and those who are hard of hearing. It has also alleviated the need to wear headphones for long time periods. For those, who prefer to speak in vernacular languages, it has made it easier to understand sermons.

The three main advantages of video transcription are

  • Drives SEO
  • Improves understanding of video content
  • Allows people to watch on silent mode

There are lots of people who like to watch videos without sound. The reasons for this are varied. They could be in an office, a public space, or simply don’t want to disturb others anywhere.

An easy video maker lets you play around with soundless videos till you get the perfect results.

Make a compilation using video merger software

The more animated text, images and graphics in your video, the more intriguing it is for the viewer. This way you can stand apart from the frivolous content on Instagram Reels.

Video editor tools allow you to trim and place your content in the desired order. Whether it’s a video intro or outro, all can be made professionally using a business video maker.

Online marketing video production is possible now, even for beginners. Start using the free video editor and upskill before upgrading to the professional version. An easy video maker is required for making social media videos, especially for businesses.

6 Tips for Editing Instagram Reels To Promote Your business.bmp

Optimize your existing video content for Instagram reels

If you have already been using video in marketing, then you can use your existing marketing videos and post them on Instagram Reels. This will save you time,effort and costs.

When adding a pre-recorded video to reels, ensure it is the right size: portrait format (9:16).

This way, you can upload content in which you have already invested valuable time.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to add effects or music to pre-recorded content. But you can add filters, stickers and text.

In fact, by using a good video editing software, you can post across various social media platforms. Optimize your existing video content and publish instantly.

Edit videos online, for Facebook video marketing, video in email marketing, Pinterest video ads, healthcare videos, YouTube marketing, B2B video marketing, LinkedIn ads, besides video edits for instagram.

Use this easy movie maker to create captivating content.

6 Tips for Editing Instagram Reels To Promote Your business.bmp

Use tactical marketing ideas

Create reels based on tactical opportunities. Offer discounts around the festive season. Marketing ideas, promotional advertising ideas and real estate marketing ideas work well when demonstrated through video ads.

For example: if housing interest rates are down, use the occasion to boost your real estate ads. Reels which are showcased on such occasions get strong user engagement.

The benefits of video marketing are multiplied when done tactically and tastefully.


Structure your reels using video editing

The following structure works well for Instagram reels. Use a video editing software to place this structure in the proper way.

In the first three seconds bring in the title and tell your audience what the reel is about. Use this by adding text to video online.

Then provide the hook in terms of your brand offering, whether product and service. Spell out the advantages of using it right away. Use captioning software to add subtitles as well.

Next, elaborate more about your offering in terms of quality and trust.

Then you tell your audience how to engage with your brand. Tell them why they should choose you and direct them to your landing page.

Making the best reels is now super easy

Instagram reels have great viral potential. Along with LinkedIn video ads and Pinterest video ads, they are a great way to target niche audiences.

If your brand is new to the world of video marketing then start using video templates. Using these templates is good for small business video marketing and other social media videos.

Even if you have your own footage, you can use the best online editing software for finished reels. Even sports video editors are using it to curate great video content and growing their followers.

The best social media video maker is needed to add beautiful animated text, images and graphics.

 Video editing tricks for Instagram reels

Learn by listening to video production podcasts

Choose the best online video editor

Trim a lot as the reel has to fit inside 60 seconds

Speed up the flow to fit in more content in less time

Merge text, images, graphics and sound

Use color correction and color grading

Don’t use music that does not fit with your brand values

Let the content lead to a CTA

Use the YouTube video cutter to align clips

Just like Video marketing on YouTube, Instagram reels is a fast growing video marketing medium. You can make any reels, whether it is on easy small business ideas, happy holiday videos and even how to start your own business. If you own a business, start video marketing without delay

Hurry now! Try video editing for free today if you are an amateur! If you know editing, take a look at world class video templates today. Use video editing to add a creative spark to your Instagram reels.

 Key takeaways

  • Save costs by using existing content for reels
  • Use video editing to fit pre recorded clips into Instagram reels
  • Use appropriate brand imagery and music
  • Use a proper structure
  • Drive users towards the landing page with CTA


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