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5 Things To Know About The FIFO Lifestyle

The mining and resource development has created thousands of new jobs, many of which require ‘fly-in, fly-out’ (FIFO) workers. With greater exploration, jobs have been created and demand has risen; thus, FIFO workers have become necessary. Most Australians live in major cities; therefore, remote areas lack employees. As labour demand grew, it became harder to relocate families to remote mining areas because moving was expensive. Thus, FIFO employment became a realistic move to curb the rising demand and lower expenses.

Here are five essential factors surrounding the FIFO lifestyle:

  • FIFO’s Effect On Family Life

Surprisingly, some studies have indicated that the families and children of many FIFO workers function well despite having two lifestyles—one when only one parent is home and one when both parents are home. 

However, there are still families and children who don’t cope well. Hence, more research is needed to thoroughly explore and comprehend the implications of a FIFO lifestyle on all parties, on their employment, social lives, and other aspects.

Moreover, it is becoming increasingly difficult to overlook the unfavourable impact this kind of job has on people, marriage, and family dynamics, even with the financial rewards this kind of employment offers.

FIFO workers fly out to remote places with hundreds of other men and women in basic, fully supplied FIFO accommodation, working long hours and unwinding with co-workers. This lifestyle usually differs from their home life with partners and children.

  • FIFO And Mental Health

One of the most severe challenges presented by the FIFO work culture is the prevalence of mental health concerns. Companies frequently exert efforts to introduce measures that will improve the health of their workforce. 

Long shifts and working through the night might hurt one’s mental health. Workers paid on a FIFO basis are sometimes required to work nonstop through the night on shifts that might last up to 12 hours. Such routine interferes with regular patterns of eating, sleeping, and interacting with others.

Moreover, it is not unheard of to be requested to work shifts longer than the standard 12 hours. Frankly, shifts that are 18 hours long are not unusual. Shifts are arranged seven days a week for employees who are physically present at the location. The majority of employers expect their employees to put in full days of work while they are on location, whereas monthly schedules can let them take a day off every other weekend. 

  • Cultural Considerations

Working on a mine in a foreign country requires an understanding of its local culture. This includes social, religious, and environmental aspects. Local workers should also be given time for worship to practise their faith. 

5 Things To Know About The FIFO Lifestyle

  • Employer Services For FIFO Workers

Most FIFO workers rely on family and friends for support. Families and spouses must understand what life is like for FIFO workers. Many companies offer induction sessions for families to help them understand the life of FIFO employees. This allows them to comprehend the difficulties FIFO employees face.

Many official services exist to aid FIFO workers. Most organizations take their commitments by heart and offer therapy, medical services, help lines, social services, and onboarding. 

  • Advantages Of Working FIFO Jobs

Being in the mining industry is challenging, and working as a FIFO employee is not an option for everyone. It is an unusual way of life and somewhat different from most occupations available today. Yet there are also benefits despite the obstacles, and the advantages are enticing compared to other jobs:

  • High Salary. One of the advantages of FIFO jobs is that they allow workers to earn a decent income. In addition, because the mining firm frequently offers significant travel and housing allowances, the possible expenditures of FIFO workers are greatly minimized, and workers can save more money from their salary.
  • On-site Benefits. Mining businesses provide workers with accommodations equipped with high-quality facilities. Mining sites also have top-notch fitness centres and dining services where employees can exercise to stay fit. These measures safeguard FIFO workers’ health and well-being
  • Long Breaks. FIFO mining employment offers long breaks, even though workers have fixed shifts. Two-week breaks are commonplace, which is something no other job offers.
  • Career Growth. There are ways to grow and get up the career ladder. Once a worker has proven his value to the company, moving to a different job or field won’t be far behind.


FIFO is not an easy lifestyle as some would think, so it’s crucial to know how it works before choosing this career. However, if you have the appropriate mentality for it, it may be an immensely fulfilling and excellent choice of profession.


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