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As much as your dental hygiene depends on your personal habits, maintaining your overall oral health requires a partner. This need is where your dentist comes in. It is vital to cultivate a good relationship with whichever dental professional you select to help you keep up your oral health.

Your choice of dentists can significantly affect the type of service you receive whenever you go in for an appointment. While corporate dental practices tend to have more visibility, here are a few reasons why you should choose an independent dentist.

You Get More Hands-On Service

Independent dentists often don’t handle large patient volumes. Therefore, as soon as you walk in, you are likely to be met with a team that intends to get to know you while offering treatment. Such a benefit also allows you to feel as though your care is more personal. As a result, there is a greater chance that you will feel comfortable during each visit.

Your Treatment and Advice Is More Personalised

Since you get to form a genuine relationship with the dental health professionals working at an independent dentist’s office, you also get the advantage of specifics. This boon means that the people who see you find it easier to become familiar with you and understand your oral health and history to give more specific and targeted advice. Furthermore, such guidance is more likely to consider all your tolerances and unique traits, thus making it more personalised.

You Are Treated Within A More Relaxed Environment

Independent dentists’ offices are less likely to be busy, almost chaotic environments. As a reason, you don’t have to worry about being ushered in and out in record time with barely a moment to acclimate. Moreover, your dentist may also take more time with you during the appointment.

This ‘slower pace’ makes independent dentists’ offices ideal for nervous patients and children alike since it can go a long way toward settling nervous dispositions.

There Is Provision For More Flexible Payment

Independent dentists have more room to maneuver when considering payment options. Unlike most corporate offices, independent dentists are better able to offer patients payment plans to settle the cost of their treatment. In addition, these plans are implemented to cater to people at varying financial levels. Consequently, patients feel more accommodated and are more likely to make regular appointments.

You Avoid Third-Party Obligations

With corporate dentist operations, you may find that third-party agreements play a significant role in the type of treatment you are offered. It can be a frustrating endeavour to navigate who you are allowed to see and what treatment options they can provide you with. On the other hand, going to an independent dentist ensures that you are seen by an expert whose treatment plan is created solely with you and your needs in mind. As a result, there are fewer mazes to make your way through before you get the care you seek.

All in all, independent dentists offer their patients more genuine and long-term relationships. Not only do patients avoid having to contend with high caregiver turnover, but they also get to deal with someone who can take a little more time while offering them care. These connections then become invaluable foundations upon which you can construct a lifetime of excellent oral health.


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