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5 Reasons To Sync Salesforce To Snowflake

Data is an essential component of anyone’s success in the business world. It is data that can help us really best make robust business decisions and implement strategies that we can be confident in.

But the ability to collect data has evolved really quickly. In fact, it is estimated that billions of data are generated every single day. So how on earth can you keep up and be able to sort through such large quantities of data in a way that will be both successful and meaningful to you?

This is where you will really want to look at the current tools and software you have in place when it comes to your data generation, collection, storage, and analysis. It is also why you really should consider syncing Salesforce snowflake data so that you can have a truly holistic view of your data—and more than just one team gets access to it!

There are brands in every industry that are finding syncing data to be extremely beneficial to them. In fact, there are multiple case studies from top-tier brands that show real results on how syncing data has driven real change for their business in a positive way.

Salesforce is often used by sales teams only and they tend to be the gatekeeper of all data generated and stored through there. But this creates an unfortunate data silo that can be of great detriment to a company—especially when transparency and accessibility of data is an important lifeline to success and strategy.

Luckily, there are incredible tools like Snowflake that allow you to easily sync up your data from Salesforce into one comprehensive data warehouse that really can do it all.

That is why we have rounded up all the reasons that you too should consider syncing up and making this important enhancement to your company!

Reason 1: Engage with Customers More Personally

You do not have to humans managing the personal conversations with thousands, if not millions, of customers.  By syncing up your data from Salesforce to snowflake, you will be able to really deep dive into their individual behaviors. But what this then does is also create automated action points, such as follow-up emails, that can be actioned off to specific teams in your organization.

In fact, it helps improve the eco-system of your customer communications to a whole new level that you really cannot do with just humans alone.

Reason 2: Send the Right Tasks to the Right People

It is one thing to have a ton of data. But what is the point of having so much data if you are not really doing anything with it? And you certainly don’t want to put all that pressure on your sales team who is managing Salesforce to know who to send data to and when.

This is another great reason to sync up. Because the snowflake integration will allow for automated action points to be created through your data warehouse, thus creating tasks through triggers that then set a whole sequence of events into play—but there is literally minimal human involvement required. Imagine how much more efficient life is about to get for everyone on your company!

Reason 3: Keep Up with the Data Volume

As we mentioned earlier, there is simply so much data that Salesforce is likely getting for you. It can feel overwhelming to keep up and know what to do with it all, and how. This is why syncing that up with Snowflake is so beneficial, because it does all the thinking for you. It allows for the sheer volume of data you are getting to be sorted in a way that makes sense to you, and other teams and can ultimately be used to drive important strategies and decision-making for your company.

When you sync up, you will never feel overwhelmed again. Instead, you will likely love getting such comprehensive data stacks that simply make everyone’s lives easier.

Reason 4: Make Data Accessible to All

Having data silos can be a huge issue for companies. When one team is responsible for your Salesforce data, it makes it challenging to ensure that everyone else gets what they need. And you certainly do not want to burden that one team with coordinating all that data to everyone else. When you sync up to Snowflake, you automatically make your data accessible and comprehendible to all. This is a huge asset and will simply drive productivity and results for all.

Reason 5: Get the Most of Your Data

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. What is the point of getting so much data if you are not going to be making the most of it all? Syncing up ensures that you really do maximize the value of your data!


Accomplish all your goals and use data to your advantage when you sync up Salesforce to Snowflake!


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