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3 Vitamins You Need To Avoid Catching Flu

Being ill isn’t on anyone’s list of to-dos, but it does creep up on everyone from time to time. Our body’s immune system is supposed to keep us healthy and fight off the germs and bacteria that can cause us harm. This system may dip for many different reasons, and some disease-causing elements become out of control.

Luckily, there are a few things to do to keep the body healthy and the immune system strong, including a diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, minimizing our stress levels, and getting some daily exercise.

Even if a person does all that, the body may need an extra boost, especially when the flu rounds. During flu season, as an added precaution, people can take specific vitamins to help them fight off the nasty flu virus:

  • Add More Vitamin C

This vitamin is probably the first one many would turn to when they want to prevent illness. Doctors and other healthcare professionals recommend taking a vitamin C supplement daily during the flu season.

The powerful antioxidant properties of this vitamin clear out dead cells and free radicals from the body. At the same time, its other advantages include the regulation of bacteria and viruses like bronchitis, flu, sepsis, and severe infections elsewhere in the body.

One of the best benefits of vitamin C is that it’s readily available from pharmacies like the Wizard Pharmacy Australia or other mainstream retailers online. Speak to the pharmacists about the amount of vitamin C you can take daily. They can advise on how to increase the dose when there are signs of the flu already.

Natural ways to consume more vitamin C would be through eating more citrus fruits like oranges, mandarins, or grapefruits. The naturally occurring vitamin absorbs better into the body if one were to take it this way instead of the artificially produced versions from the store.

3 Vitamins You Need To Avoid Catching Flu
pharmacist asian woman received a piece of paper from a female patient where she wrote the details of the drug she wanted to buy in the pharmacy Thailand
  • Catch Rays Of Vitamin D

Getting enough sun shouldn’t be a problem for people living in areas with warmer climates like Australia and Africa. Still, the cooler temperatures with little to no sunshine make it difficult. Vitamin D is an essential part of a healthy body for many reasons, and getting more of it could improve symptoms of various illnesses like the flu.

Nowadays, supplements are available for this vitamin and people can purchase these over the counter without a prescription. As long as people follow the specific instructions on the bottle, the supplement should be relatively safe for use at home.

Along with boosting the immune system, vitamin D also prevents our bones from becoming brittle and gives relief against inflammatory conditions like rheumatism or infections. It would improve the body’s healing speed, which is also very helpful during a bout of flu.

  • Combine Some Vitamin B

Situations like added stress in our daily lives deplete the body’s resources of vitamin B faster than usual. Smokers would also have a lowered amount of vitamin B as their bodies need to use more to counteract the effects of smoking on the body.

This multipurpose vitamin is perfect for combatting the flu. Still, it also helps the digestive process, the transmission of signals in the brain, muscle function, and fuels many more essentials in the body. It combats fatigue and keeps the mind sharp and focused too.

Like the other vitamins mentioned here, vitamin B is also available over the counter at pharmacies or retail stores. Taking regular supplements can prevent negative processes in the body and boost it to remain healthy without significant illness.

Other Supplements To Help

Although vitamins are essential to supplement when not feeling well, other nutrients and minerals could also assist. Zinc, Elderberry, mushrooms like Reishi or Shitake, Selenium, garlic, licorice, curcumin, echinacea, and propolis are the most popular to add.

Each of these has its immune-boosting benefits that prevent the body from becoming sick, and they are all available naturally without added chemicals. Some food groups may include many of these nutrients and the vitamins that the body needs, so a healthy plate of food with more of these elements can be helpful for the flu as well.

Taking It All In

Preventing an illness like the flu is much less complicated than treating it. Taking vitamins daily in the correct amounts specified should help the body fight off most germs that make us ill. From reading more about vitamins here, it’s clear how important it is to consume fresh foods to add even more virus-fighting power to the body.

The system can easily be overwhelmed by the increased viral load and its widespread effects on the body. Taking extra care of ourselves through healthy practices like drinking or eating more of what the body needs to combat illness effectively is the best strategy to avoid catching the flu.


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