Wyangala Dam Overflow.Yugolan residents rescued

“All the streams are full, all the soil is full, all the dams are full. So at the moment, a thimble full of water is enough to cause problems in the western districts,” Bernasconi said. increase.

Cook said nine major flood warnings were in effect statewide, with places like Canowindra seeing drops of up to 120mm in the 24 hours through 9 a.m. Monday.

A rescue helicopter has landed in the town of Yugoura in central-western New South Wales, where Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet said his “focus is on saving lives”. credit:Matt Reed

“Areas of concern are many communities in Central West, West and South NSW, including Parkes, Forbes, Yugoura, Moron, Cowra, Kanowindra, Blaney, Young and Yas.

“16 [flood warnings] Kanowindra, Deriwong and Cowra are at emergency alert level and residents are urged to evacuate immediately. “

Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet said the epicenter of inland flooding in New South Wales has moved rapidly from southwest to southwest. Moron town Drive to Yugoura on Mundagery Creek, about 35 kilometers west of Forbes.

“Ugoura is our biggest concern right now. We’re putting everything into it,” Perrottet said. 2GB radio.

NSW Emergency Services have received 470 rescue requests and conducted 173 flood rescues since 7am.

Emergency services crews conducted 140 flood rescues in Yugoura between midnight and 5 a.m. Monday, Cook said. Over 100 of those were roof rescues.

“This means that more than one in five residents of the population of 700 has been rescued by helicopter or boat in the past few hours.

“This is a very serious situation, not just in Yugoura, but especially in many places along the Lachlan River.


“The ground is so saturated that even a heavy rain can cause the life-threatening flash floods we experienced overnight and to this day.”

NSW SES Commissioner Carleen York said:

Flash floods and river flooding pushed Yugoura’s Mundaguery Creek above major flood levels, reaching 9.7 meters on Monday afternoon, Bernasconi said. It fell slowly.

In Bathurst, the fast-flowing Macquarie-Bogan Catchment exceeded the main flood level of 4.5m on Monday morning, rising to 6.5m around 3pm.


“Predicted to reach about 7 meters this afternoon, putting this in context, Bathurst’s record of flooding [using current gauges] The water level in 1998 is 6.7 meters. This is a serious flood for Bathurst. “

Forbes’ Lachlan River rose at 9.8 meters Monday afternoon. By Tuesday afternoon he is projected to reach 10.55 meters and on Thursday 10.8 meters, surpassing the 1952 record height of 10.79 meters.

In Kondbrin, the Lachlan River reached a major flood level of 7.3 meters, stabilizing, and could rise again from Tuesday.

More than a dozen rescue planes from the Armed Forces, SES, Surf Life Savings and police rushed to the Yugoura region to lift people trapped in the floodwaters to safety after the situation quickly deteriorated, Perrotet said.

“That’s the situation across the state. When you get 100 to 150 mm of precipitation, it fills the rivers and fills the catchment areas, so this is a difficult situation that we face. “

Perrottet urged people in the Central West to heed evacuation orders and advice from authorities, saying “the focus right now is on saving lives.”

“If you say get out, you have to get out,” Perrotet said.

Perrotett said he had discussed securing “as much ADF support as needed” with Acting Prime Minister Richard Marls, who is also defense secretary.

An earlier version of this story said Sydney Harbor contained 562 megalitres of water. It contains 562 gigaliters, or 562,000 megalitres.

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