Warragamba Dam Nears Capacity with Heavy Rainfall Predicted

Warragamba Dam, currently teetering at 99 percent capacity, stands on the brink of spillover as meteorologists forecast significant rainfall over the weekend. According to WaterNSW, the dam is merely 24 centimeters away from reaching its tipping point, signaling the imminent possibility of overflow. The Bureau of Meteorology’s predictions indicate an anticipated 35mm of catchment rain within the next 48 hours, a forecast that could potentially result in the dam releasing approximately 40 gigaliters of water per day.

However, there exists a less likely scenario, albeit one with more substantial ramifications, where a forecasted 60mm of rain over the Warragamba catchment in the next 48 hours could trigger a maximum spill of 100 gigaliters per day. The precise timing and volume of the spill remain contingent upon the actual catchment rainfall, as highlighted by Water NSW.

Furthermore, the spillage isn’t expected to be confined solely to Warragamba Dam. WaterNSW indicates that other Greater Sydney dams, including Cataract, Nepean, Woronora, Tallowa, Greaves Creek, Medlow Bath, and Middle Cascades, are also likely to experience overflow.

While Tuggerah Lake was issued a flood warning earlier in the day, water levels have since receded below the minor flood threshold. Nevertheless, local communities are urged to remain vigilant and heed any flood and weather advisories disseminated by the Bureau of Meteorology.

The impending spill from Warragamba Dam adds to a notable historical trend, with records showing more than 50 such occurrences since 1960. As weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable and extreme, proactive monitoring and preparedness remain imperative for safeguarding communities against potential flood risks.

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