Trial allows partners to review domestic violence history

The New South Wales government is testing a plan to allow people to check if someone they are dating has a history of domestic violence or abuse.

The Right to Ask allows police to uncover potentially life-saving information and facilitate referrals to support organizations if needed.

camera iconThe trial allows people to check their romantic partners for a history of domestic violence and abuse. credit: attached

New South Wales Women’s Safety Minister Natalie Ward said the 12-month trial would address safety concerns that may arise from online dating.

Speaking to Ben Fordham on 2GB, she said the information that could come to light could include confirmed cases of physical and sexual assault, property damage, stalking, intimidation and AVO violations. I said yes.

Those who apply to use the service must also adhere to strict privacy controls, such as completing statutory declarations and complying with identity checks.

Severe penalties apply for malicious applications.

“With the proliferation of dating apps and online dating, you don’t have a support network around you,” Ward said Monday morning.

“Twenty years ago you met someone through a friend or network and introduced you to someone.

“This gives us information about their history, whether they had a violent past, whether they had any domestic violence crimes, etc.”

Minister of Women's Safety
camera iconMinister for Women’s Safety Natalie Ward. NCA NewsWire / Gay Gerald credit: News Corp Australia

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet said the plan was worth trying, even if it “saved one life”.

“There are too many heartbreaking stories of women and men being seriously injured or murdered despite the perpetrators having a previous history of domestic and violent crime.

“None of us want to see a loved one suffer the scars of domestic violence and wish they had known about their partner’s past sooner.

“Women cannot continue to be killed in our communities, which is why we need new approaches, new thinking and new policies that support the proven track record of domestic violence funding.”

camera iconThose who apply to use the service must also adhere to strict privacy controls, such as completing statutory declarations and complying with identity checks.Generic image credit: attached

Full Stop Australia CEO Hayley Foster welcomed the move, saying the scheme gives potential victims “a degree of autonomy”. Organizations that support sexual violence, domestic violence and domestic violence are among the groups that will work with the NSW Government to design the scheme and monitor its implementation over a 12-month pilot period.

“The NSW Government is working very hard to help people who are at risk of being targeted by domestic and domestic violence to make more informed choices when forming relationships with their partners. I’m thrilled that they’re taking decisive action, probably someone I don’t know,” she told NCA NewsWire.

“It’s about making sure people have that information and a chance to make informed decisions, putting more power in the hands of those who might be targets of violent or abusive partners. “

Mr Foster said the scheme was “an important piece of the puzzle” in reducing domestic and sexual violence, while also calling for the implementation of a national, or at least NSW-wide, domestic violence register. I’m here.

Such registers could catalog multiple domestic violence offenses, people convicted of serious crimes, or people receiving multiple AVOs from multiple ex-partners, dating apps, etc. of agencies to “screen people and create safer things.” space,” Foster said.

camera iconAshley Guddy (right) was arrested for the murder of Daniel Finley Jones. credit: attached

In December 2022, 31-year-old Sydney teacher Daniel Finley-Jones was found with serious head injuries at a friend’s house in Cranebrook, Western Sydney, with a man she was dating. I was. Her friends allegedly thought the couple were asleep before discovering them at 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

A 33-year-old man, Ashley Gadi, has been charged with her murder. Gadi’s ex-partner had filed his AVO five times against him since 2016, it was revealed.

domestic violence helpline Trial allows partners to review domestic violence history

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