Top 10 Suburbs in NSW Reaping the Benefits of the Toll Cap Relief Program

In the initial three months of the NSW toll cap program, motorists have received an average refund of $264. Among the suburbs benefiting the most from this initiative are Auburn, where drivers are claiming an average refund of $600, followed by Lakemba ($516), and Wiley Park ($465). Since its inception on January 1, over 47,000 claims have been submitted by eligible drivers.

Following the conclusion of the first quarterly period, a total of $46.8 million is available to be claimed by over 350,000 toll account holders. Baulkham Hills leads in the number of claims with 706, followed by Blacktown with 659, Marsden Park with 555, and Auburn with 324.

Minister for Roads, John Graham, expressed satisfaction with the program’s effectiveness, highlighting that the $60 weekly toll cap is performing as intended. He emphasized the significance of this relief for drivers in western Sydney, where toll roads are frequently used due to limited public transport options. Encouraging eligible drivers to link their toll accounts with Service NSW, Graham reiterated the government’s commitment to providing cost-of-living relief.

Top 10 suburbs benefitting from the toll cap:-

Suburbs Amount of claims Total Claim Amount ($) Avg Claim ($)
Baulkham Hills 706 2,22,463 315.1
Blacktown 659 2,12,152 321.93
Marsden Park 555 1,96,844 354.67
Auburn 324 1,94,564 600.51
Merrylands 445 1,90,828 428.83
Quakers Hill 496 1,55,753 314.02
Castle Hill 525 1,53,210 291.83
Kellyville 468 1,34,130 286.6
Greystanes 460 1,29,795 282.16
Lakemba 235 1,21,337 516.33

Who Qualifies for Toll Rebate Claims?

Under the toll cap program, drivers spending between $60 and $400 weekly can claim toll refunds. Partial refunds are available for toll costs exceeding $400. To qualify for the Toll Cap and relief scheme, you must:

  1. Be a resident of New South Wales.
  2. Hold a personal account with a New South Wales toll service provider, designated for private use.
  3. Spend more than $60 per week on a personal e-tag or number plate on eligible toll roads.

Drivers operating Rideshare or taxi services are ineligible for the rebate. Additionally, those already benefiting from the M5 South-West Cashback Scheme cannot simultaneously claim the toll cap. Tolls paid outside of a registered account do not qualify for refunds.

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