‘That’s pretty outrageous’: Bold bid to steal Sydney South Australia test leads to spectacular spray from NSW premier

New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet has scoffed at South Australia’s attempt to steal the New Year’s test from its traditional home, saying the game would be better in Sydney than in Adelaide. declared to be good.

The Sydney Cricket Ground has hosted the first Test on the calendar each year since 1998, but some people called for the game to be canceled after heavy rains hit the area in early January. I’m here.

camera iconThis year’s testing at SCG was ruined by wet weather.Tim Hunter credit: News Corp Australia

The last three tests at the venue have all ended in draws, and this year’s match against South Africa saw no action on the third day.

The last time the New Year’s Test was not played at the SCG was in 1997, but the SCG still hosted the match on 1 January, with Pakistan defeating Australia in the ODI.

The Adelaide Oval is ready to storm if Sydney loses the right to host, and South Australian Prime Minister Peter Malinaukas has called on Cricket Australia to hold a test next year.

The Adelaide Oval is rumored to host the West Indies in late January next year, and after years of successful day and night matches, the ground is likely to draw even more spectators.

“There are rumors circulating that Adelaide will host the West Indies for the second year in a row this summer’s Test match.

“If the rumor has any substance, I think it’s pretty outrageous.”

The idea of ​​Sydney losing the game is more complicated than just weather radar. The SCG test holds a special place within the community given how much funding and awareness it raises for the McGrath Foundation.

That is why Perrotet lashed out at suggestions that his state should lose its historic summer sights.

“Five days of washed-up testing in Sydney are much better than five days of testing in Adelaide,” he said.

“That’s because you spent five days in Adelaide.”

1 June 2012 Sport: Day 4, Second Test Australia vs. India at SCG. Michael Clarke gets Tendulkar's wicket.
camera iconMichael Clarke has had some key moments at SCG. credit: news limited

Former test skipper and proud local lad Michael Clarke has scoffed at calls for Sydney to lose the New Year’s test.

“You can’t take Boxing Day away from the MCG and you can’t take away the New Year from the SCG. It’s absolutely simple. The day it stops is the day Test cricket ends in this country,” he told Big Sports Breakfast. I was.

“Their (Adelaide) test match is perfect. When they get it under the lights it’s perfect, it’s working so well. Why would they want to change that?”

Cricket NSW Chief Executive Lee Germon also backed the match to remain a traditional slot.

“My first reaction was I didn’t believe it,” he said.

“It’s a silly notion that the New Year’s test should go to Adelaide when it’s part of Australia’s cricket culture as well as the culture of having the New Year’s test in Sydney.

“Regardless of the weather, I would argue that the Sydney Test is a special place. I was.

“The Sydney Test has become synonymous with the McGrath Foundation through the highly successful ‘Pink Test’ initiative. It will also be of great benefit to tourism in Sydney and his NSW.

“Debates over the schedule before and after the summer are always ongoing among stakeholders, but Cricket Australia has given Cricket NSW no indication that it is considering moving away from tradition.

“Ultimately, we want the best for Australian cricket and the fans of our sport, but moving a long-standing and successful part of the calendar doesn’t do that. I strongly believe that.”

https://thewest.com.au/news/its-pretty-outrageous-south-australias-audacious-bid-to-steal-sydney-test-leads-to-epic-spray-from-nsw-premier-c-9642137 ‘That’s pretty outrageous’: Bold bid to steal Sydney South Australia test leads to spectacular spray from NSW premier

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