Sydney Faces Additional Two Weeks of Rain as Weather System Persists along East Coast

The persistent rainfall enveloping Sydney shows no sign of abating, with forecasts indicating that the city could endure two more weeks of wet weather. This meteorological pattern extends beyond Sydney, with widespread rain and thunderstorms anticipated across various regions of Australia.

According to reports, Sydney is currently midway through a fortnight of continuous rain, with approximately 130mm of precipitation recorded at the Sydney Observatory during the initial seven days of May. The prevailing weather conditions are attributed to a “stubborn high-pressure system,” which is retaining a significant amount of moisture in the atmosphere over the eastern part of the country.

Projections suggest that wet weather will impact multiple states leading into the weekend, including New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (Qld), the northeast of South Australia (SA), and southern parts of the Northern Territory (NT). Thunderstorms may develop across NSW, southern Qld, as well as parts of Victoria and Western Australia (WA) from Friday to Sunday.

Sarah Scully, a senior meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology, highlighted that Friday is expected to witness heavy rainfall primarily in the interior of NSW and potentially southern Queensland. Rainfall totals of 10 to 40mm are forecast across various regions, with isolated areas possibly experiencing higher totals ranging from 50 to 80mm.

Residents residing in the Warrego River area in NSW are advised to remain vigilant, particularly due to the region already experiencing moderate flooding. The Bureau of Meteorology warns of further rainfall exacerbating existing flooding conditions.

In NSW, rain is anticipated to intensify over the southern half of the coast from Friday afternoon, setting the stage for a wet weekend across the eastern part of the state. Some areas could receive substantial rainfall, with projections indicating totals of 100 to 150mm in the southern half of NSW between Thursday and Sunday night. Moreover, inland regions may witness rainfall ranging from 50 to 100mm.

Significant rainfall is expected in the Illawarra region, prompting the likelihood of severe weather warnings being issued. Flood warnings may also be forthcoming, urging locals and weekend travelers to exercise caution when planning their activities.

Meanwhile, in WA, severe thunderstorms are predicted in southwestern parts of the state on Friday, marking the end of an unseasonably warm week. These thunderstorms could bring heavy rain, potentially leading to flash flooding, damaging winds, and even large hail.

Despite the prolonged wet weather outlook, parts of Australia may experience relief, with forecasts suggesting below-average rainfall for most of the country for the remainder of the month. Additionally, warmer-than-usual days and nights are anticipated across much of Australia, influenced by factors such as record-warm oceans globally and the possibility of a developing positive Indian Ocean Dipole event.

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