Supermarket recalls toxic spinach product, child hospitalized

Health officials are issuing urgent alerts after a child who ate poisonous spinach was hospitalized.

Up to 100 people are thought to have fallen ill after eating contaminated products across Australia, including children in Queensland.

The child was hospitalized overnight and is one of 11 people sick statewide, according to the Queensland Health Department.

“Queensland Health is urging people to avoid consuming many baby spinach products following reported cases of possible food-related toxic reactions statewide,” it said in a statement.

Officials are urging anyone who may have been exposed to a recalled product to contact the Poison Control Center.

NSW Health also issued a warning after 88 people fell ill from consuming contaminated products.

camera iconColes has joined the list of supermarkets recalling Coles Own branded products as a result of toxic spinach. credit: NCA Newswire

At least 33 people in the state had to receive treatment.

“NSW Health has advised that the recalled products cannot be safely consumed and that anyone who purchased these recalled products must either throw them away or return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. I am advising you,” the statement said.

Up to 11 people in Victoria have been sick from eating spinach, and ACT Health is also investigating multiple possible cases.

Coles became the fourth supermarket to recall a batch of toxic spinach, having to remove 11 private label products from its shelves.

The supermarket giant made the announcement Saturday night of Coles Own products sold in supermarkets, Coles Local, Coles Express outlets and online.

The recalled Coles products are Baby Spinach 60g, Lettuce Spinach 120g, Salad Family Baby Spinach 280g, Chef Blend Tender Lee Bend 15-g, Australian Salad Family Baby Leaf Blend 300g, Kitchen Green Goddess Salad 300g, Kitchen Roasted Pumpkin Fetta and Walnuts. Salad 265g, Kitchen BLT Salad Bowl 240g, Smokey Mexican Salad 280g, Kitchen Salad Green Goddess Salad 250g, Kitchen’s Pot of Eggs and Spinach 100g.

All products have an expiration date of December 17th to December 23rd, 2022.

According to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand page, the product has been recalled “because of possible contamination with unsafe plant material” and because it can cause “illness when consumed”.

“Customers should not consume this product and those with health concerns should seek medical attention. Coles is in communication with suppliers and regulators regarding further steps,” Coles said in a statement. said in

Woolworths chickpea falafel salad. Image Woolworths.JPG
camera iconWoolworths chickpea falafel salad.woolworth credit: NCA Newswire
camera iconWoolworth’s Chicken Cobb Salad. Woolworth’s credit: NCA Newswire

Coles’ recall comes after Aldi made the same move earlier Saturday, recalling 450g packets of The Fresh Salad and co-branded Fresh & Fast Star Fries at the Victorian store.

On Saturday, residents of Victoria, New South Wales, ACT and Queensland were urged to immediately ditch two products containing toxic leaves.

The two products are Woolworths Chicken Cobb Salad 270g (ID 218366) for use by December 2nd and Woolworths Chickpea Falafel 290g (ID 218371) for use by December 20th and December 22nd.

On Friday, NSW residents were urged to ditch spinach products they purchased from Costco due to numerous cases of “potential food-related toxic reactions.”

NSW Health warns that Riviera Farms brand baby spinach is “not safe to consume” and should not be eaten.

Affected products are sold through Costco and have an expiration date of December 16, 2022.

“Initial research suggests there are incidental contaminants in food,” said NSW Health.

camera iconRiviera Farms Spinach recalled by Costco.Costco credit: NCA Newswire

“NSW Health is working with the NSW Food Authority and other jurisdictions to further investigate this matter.”

Anyone concerned about spinach exposure should call the Poison Control Center at 13 11 26.

NSW Health recommends that anyone experiencing unusual and severe symptoms should visit their nearest emergency department for immediate medical attention.

Reported symptoms can be serious, including:

  • delirium or confusion
  • Hallucination
  • dilated pupils
  • fast heartbeat
  • flushed face
  • blurry vision
  • dry mouth and skin
  • heat Supermarket recalls toxic spinach product, child hospitalized

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