Single mother faces court over coronavirus fines despite dismissal of friends’ fines

New South Wales Police to patrol Bondi Beach in August Stephen Sievert

Fuller in August 2021 appeared in an insider video leaked on HeraldIn it, he said police “will only get compliance if they start writing tickets.”

“While we appreciate the health order’s many considerations, we are asking that local policing be put aside for the time being,” Fuller said. “Like I said before, if you write a ticket and make a mistake, I understand and I’m not responsible for that.”

The Redfern Law Center filed a test case in the Supreme Court of New South Wales last year As a result, half of all COVID-19 fines issued during the pandemic have been declared void. However, some of the invalid fines are still being pursued in court.

Elizabeth said she was fined after being told by a police officer, “I have to fine people because they told me not to issue any more warnings.”

“I remember asking, ‘So what was I fined for, and how much was the fine?'” “said.

Camilla Pandolfini, chief executive of the Redfern Legal Center, said the New South Wales Police had “failed to exercise proper legitimate discretionary decision-making and instead failed to impose fines”.

He said many people who received fines had not actually violated public health orders and hoped lessons from the pandemic would improve policies, procedures and laws. .

PIAC CEO Jonathon Hunyol said the police “choosed a punitive approach at a time when the community was in trouble,” and his organization called the LECC “unreasonable and oppressive.” “We will closely scrutinize the tactics that seem to be targeted,” he said.

“The ex-secretary has urged police officers to set aside security in the area during perhaps the most difficult time of the pandemic,” he said.

“Not only has this undermined the trust and resilience of the community, but we are concerned that it is illegal and amounts to misconduct and tort.”

We have reached out to New South Wales Police for comment. A spokeswoman said inquiries should be directed to the LECC.

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