Red Love Blood Donation Campaign to Save Lives

Dr Sumita Goonden, Head of Rehabilitation Medicine and main organizer of the Red Love campaign, said that every year, staff and the community rallies in support of the Red Love initiative.
“We are very excited to launch the Red Love Donation Campaign. This initiative began with Orange Health Services in 2018 and has expanded over the years to include Dubbo and Bathurst. Together we have saved thousands of lives. It has saved me, and that is absolutely amazing,” Dr. Goonden said.

Blood Service spokeswoman Christine Helmrich said Red Love was unique because many of the donors were healthcare workers and were able to see the life-saving benefits of donating blood.

“The staff of these health services are in contact with patients every day, and many of them will be in need of blood donations and blood products,” Helmlich said.

The Red Love campaign helps address seasonal donor declines as people have to cancel or change appointments due to cold and flu symptoms.

“Each week, around 2,000 donors across Australia are rescheduling due to illness, and the situation is expected to worsen in the coming weeks. I would like to thank my doctors, nurses, medical staff, family and friends for their continued blood supply.”

“Red Love’s main goal is to increase the number of blood donations throughout the winter months, when supplies are generally low and demand is high. We are excited to see how many lives we can save this year,” said Dr. Goonden. .

Individuals can book their donations this winter by calling 13 14 95, visiting or the Donate Blood app and telling the service that they are participating in the “Red Love” campaign. increase. Red Love Blood Donation Campaign to Save Lives

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