Photos of the Sydney fire show the moment the building collapsed

Shortly after 4pm on Thursday, a massive fire broke out in a seven-story building in central Sydney.

The effect brought Rundle Street to a halt, and onlookers watched as the walls collapsed and littered with debris.

Here are some photos from the scene showing how the crisis unfolded.

Witnesses said they felt the heat of the fire. ()

Witness Grace Turner said the ground shook as parts of the burning building began to collapse.

“Huge smoke billowed up and whole walls collapsed,” she said.

“It was the loudest sound. The ground shook.”

The ground shook as the building collapsed. ()

People screamed as bricks and large chunks of walls began crashing into the ground on Rundle Street.

Colin Ellis said he emerged from Central Station in time to see the building collapse.

“Standing there, all I could feel was the heat on my face from the flames. I could hear the tires exploding,” he said.

“I saw some people crying while running.”

Firefighters watched as debris crashed into the street.()

It took more than 100 firefighters and 20 trucks to extinguish the blaze by 6 p.m.

It took about two hours to effectively extinguish the fire.()

Ash and debris were thrown about 200 meters from where the fire started.

Witnesses said ash fell from the sky. ()

There were no reports of major injuries. Photos of the Sydney fire show the moment the building collapsed

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