McDonald’s rekindles interstate dispute

As a culinary description, Scallop is the most accurate It comes from the French word escaloper, which means to cut into pieces.

Potato snacks aside, Australians have long had the bone to choose different names for their food and drink from state to state.

Victorians stick to calling midi in their New South Wales beer pots, while Queenslanders call swimmers togs. A sausage sandwich means sausage on bread to Tasmanians and sausage sizzle to Western Australians, but unless you’re from Queensland, it’s known as a canteen almost everywhere you buy your school lunch. shop.

But the controversy over food names has spread beyond national borders and infuriated people internationally. A packet of chips is to the British what a packet of potato chips is, and the concentrated flavored liquid that Australians call cordial is known to Scots as juice.

After all, does it really matter what you call a slice of French fries? Can’t we put our differences aside and find our common humanity? Sometimes it’s healthy to have competition. What makes Melbourne such a vibrant city? McDonald’s rekindles interstate dispute

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