Liberals win Ryde’s last NSW parliamentary seat with just 60 votes


The final seats in the New South Wales election have been called and the Liberals look set to retain Ryde’s Sydney voters.

ABC’s Anthony Green called Liberal candidate Jordan Lane’s seat by just 60 votes as the tally of the remaining mail-in ballots continued on Saturday.

Labour’s Lyndall Howison oversaw a drastic swing of nearly 9% of her party in a secure seat held by retired liberal MP Victor Dominero.

Initially, it appeared that Labor would win, but the numbers saw-saw between Liberal and Labor candidates.

Hawison said he is awaiting the final tally and will continue to fight for the community regardless of “incredibly close results.”

“I’m happy to meet and reconnect with the hardworking and kind people of our voters,” she posted on social media on Saturday.

Hope of the majority evaporates

“Ride is my home and I will always fight for what’s best for our community, regardless of the end result.

“Thank you to everyone who sent messages of support and to the hundreds of people who helped with the campaign.”

Labor had already lost the chance to form a majority government, winning 45 seats, just short of 47.

Prime Minister Chris Mins could be forced to involve a crossbench made up of nine independents and three Green MPs to pass the bill.

-AAP Liberals win Ryde’s last NSW parliamentary seat with just 60 votes

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