It’s all about Adalita’s beats and beaches

What are the best summer foods? Meppem.Styling by Hannah Meppem

gazpacho soup. I first learned about it through my Spanish housemate, and he made it often during the hot summer months. It’s a cold soup and very tasty. The combination of tomato, cucumber, garlic, vinegar, olive he oil etc. is a winner, especially with the lovely bread.

Is there a smell that defines summer?

I can smell that beach. Combining salt water, seaweed, and coastal tea tree (if you’re down that road) with incidental scents like sun lotion and coconut oil, the scent is very pungent and pungent.

Do you have a favorite summer song?

Works by local artists Amaya Laucirica and Two People. Amaya’s Dream Her Pop Her song is reminiscent of her Mazzy Star.your favorite track found a secret When You’ve Got A SmileI also love the super cool electronic duo Two People.your favorite track dream steppin, When if you have time An absolute banger.

What’s the worst thing about summer?

Effects of extreme heat on wildlife. I water my suburban garden as much as possible. I also have a bird bath and keep it in the shade or near a tree so the birds have a chance to escape safely if needed.

What’s Your Guilty Summer Joy?

What could be better than fish and chips on the beach?

What could be better than fish and chips on the beach?credit:Gary Medricott

Sprinkle some hot potato cakes in a brown paper bag with plenty of salt and vinegar. Sitting by the beach, of course.

– with Kelly O’Brien It’s all about Adalita’s beats and beaches

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