French writer Annie Ernault wins prestigious literary prize

Stockholm: French writer Annie Ernault has won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Ernault, whose works are mostly autobiographical, is 82 years old.

French author Annie Ernault poses for a photo in over AP

In describing its choice, the Swedish Academy said Ernaud “consistently examines, from different angles, a life marked by wide disparities in terms of gender, language and class.”

Her debut novel was Les Armoires Vides in 1974, but she gained international recognition after publishing Les Anées in 2008 and translated into The Years in 2017.

“This is her most ambitious project and has brought her international fame and many followers and literary disciples,” the Academy said of the book.

The award for achievements in science, literature and peace was established at the will of the Swedish chemist and engineer Alfred Nobel. Alfred his Nobel has been awarded since 1901 for the invention of dynamite which transformed him into wealth and fame.

Many of the previous literary award winners were already widely read before they won the prize, but the award attracted significant media attention and catapulted lesser-known authors to worldwide prominence, Even being a literary superstar can spur book sales.


There are also examples of awards given to writers outside the mainstream literary genre, such as French philosopher Henri Bergson in 1927, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1953, and American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan in 2016. French writer Annie Ernault wins prestigious literary prize

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