Dubbo Council urges National Party to remove Dugald Sanders campaign sign

The party, led by a senior NSW government minister, has yet to remove his voter mass campaign billboards, despite a direct request from the local council to him.

A retail billboard-sized ad was erected on Cobra Street in Dubbo calling on drivers to ‘Vote for Dugald Sanders’.

Sanders, Dubbo’s Nationals member and agriculture minister, is seeking re-election on March 25.

The Dubbo Regional Council confirmed that it wrote to Sanders two weeks ago notifying him that the board was not compliant and asking him to remove it.

But the sign was only a week away from the NSW elections.

A city council spokesperson said any billboard larger than 80cm square would require a development application and planning approval.

The sign was submitted without a development application and therefore violates the state’s environmental planning policy.

“Under the Environmental Planning and Evaluation Act 1979, the council may order the removal of unauthorized signs,” the council said in a statement.

“The Council wrote to Mr Sanders on March 6 advising him that the sign violated the exemption provisions and that it be removed or that Mr Sanders notify the Council in writing of his intentions on the matter. bottom.”

Sanders said the autograph was put up by the Nationals’ headquarters and that he forwarded the request without his involvement.

“I was removed from there as a candidate. Sorry if that gave people anxiety, but it’s my campaign office,” he said.

“As an incumbent member, I expect people to throw stones at me for being ridiculous.

“I think it’s just one of the silly things people are throwing stones at.”

ABC repeatedly asked Nationals headquarters if it planned to listen to the request, if it had submitted a billboard development application, or if it was aware of the rules regarding signage.

However, there was no response.

Dubbo Laver candidate Joshua Black said the Nationals should not go beyond the rules.

“We want Dugald to abide by the law,” Black said.

“There is an all-you-can-go attitude that the Kuomintang seems to have, a natural ruler.

“He really needs to abide by the law.”

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https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-03-18/dubbo-council-nationals-party-take-down-dugald-saunders-sign/102097606 Dubbo Council urges National Party to remove Dugald Sanders campaign sign

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