Driving lessons key to Dawson trial surfaced

Driving lessons have become a focus as convicted murderer Chris Dawson faces charges of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student, the court said.

The former Newtown Jets rugby league player and teacher is at Downing Center in Sydney this week as the district court hears the details of his alleged sexual intercourse with an underage girl known as AB during the 1980 school year. sat in silence.

Dawson, 74, was convicted last year of murdering his wife Lynette, but has denied the charge, and their relationship turned sexual the following year when she was 17. says it was.

Dawson, through his attorney, Clare Wasley, is seeking proof that the girl had her first sexual intercourse when she was in 12th grade.

However, the woman denied that her interpretation was wrong or fabricated, and fired back at her defense, saying, “I am not making these things up.”

The trial is set to conclude next week and Judge Sarah Huggett will deliver a verdict at a later date.

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AB said in evidence that the first sexual intercourse took place in August or September 1980, when Dawson was 16 years old, at Dawson’s parents’ Maroubra home.

At the time, her parents had gone to a vacation home, and Dawson used a spare key to enter the house.

AB said in court on Tuesday that a man later asked her if she was okay and said, “I hope it helps,” “It was a good start,” and “You did a really good job.”

“I was told to keep it a secret,” AB said.

AB told the court that he had sex with Dawson in the backseat of Dawson’s car, in the school office, and in the pool, while Dawson’s brother was across from another girl. .

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AB told the court that she first came into contact with Dawson in 10th grade when topless photos of her at a picnic began circulating around the school and Dawson returned them to her.

Defense attorney Clare Wasley questioned why AB did not mention the topless photos in previous statements to police and the Department of Education.

She told the court that he arranged to put her in his 11th grade class after seeing her in the schoolyard.

In his evidence, AB said his relationship with Dawson began as a “counselor” of sorts after he confided in Dawson about his difficult home life with his alcoholic mother and stepfather.

She said she used to see him at the local pub where students and teachers mingle on Friday nights.

“He used to sit there and tell me about himself and how great he was,” AB said.

“It was part of his grooming … to make me trust him. I did.”

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driving lesson

AB provided evidence that Dawson made “wrongful” advances to her during driving lessons.

And on a subsequent occasion she had sex with him for the first time, she told the court.

Driving lessons were central to her timeline of events and emerged as a key issue during the trial as she states that the first sexual act took place.

The court heard that she was not eligible to receive a learner’s permit until November 1980.

According to the indictment, Dawson is accused of having sexual intercourse with the teenage girl between July 1 and December 12, 1980.

In her evidence, she later said the “inappropriate” behavior may have actually been while spending time in the car.

She added that he often drove her to exercise classes, etc., but that may not have been driving lessons.

“It happened in his car in 1980. We spent time in the car,” AB said.

She added, “He had ample opportunity to do so.”

AB also told Wasley that it was quite possible that he had been given driving lessons before he got his driving license.

“I think that’s what you just made up in the witness box,” Wassley said.

“No, I’m not making these things up. This happened to me. I’m so sick of having to justify everything I say,” said AB tearfully. Told.

“I know it’s your job, but this is my life… I want you to believe me.”

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The King’s Prosecutor’s Office claims she was only 16 and in an 11th grade sports coaching class at the time of the first sexual activity.

AB told the court that there was a reference to sexual activity in the written test.

AB had previously said she had been having sex with Dawson “for quite some time” by then, though she couldn’t remember the exact words.

She said in court that a friend told her she would find it “funny” if she wrote “exotic” things about sex.

But she was confused when he cut out the part of the test that referred to sex and gave her a zero, she says.

“I gave it to him in the hope that he would be pleased,” AB said.

“He cut part of the exam and gave me a zero.

“It’s a little confusing. You’re 16 and you don’t understand why this is happening. But he just gave me a zero.”

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When Wasley was cross-examined on Friday, AB denied allegations that she did not include double-meaning comments on the exam form.

“I’d like to suggest that in the 11th year sports coaching exam, I didn’t write anything that referred to[engaging in sexual activity]with the defendant,” Wassley asked.

“No,” said AB.

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AB said Dawson left a love note and a card in his school bag.

One card she told the court was from Christmas 1980 said “once or twice a minute” and was approved as “God”.

“He was trying to hide who he was…he didn’t call himself God,” AB said.

“But I was 16 and he knew it too, so this must have convinced him to call himself that.”

But Dawson’s defense is trying to raise questions about when the card was left.

“Do you think he started handing out romantic cards and notes in 12 years?” Wassley asked Friday.

“No, it was certainly far beyond romantic cards and notes in Year 12. He started grooming me in Year 11,” said AB.

A former schoolmate at AB said he noticed that around the early 1980s friends began to go missing during recess and lunch.

This woman, also unidentified, testified in court that she noticed AB walking into Dawson’s office.

The court heard that AB endured an unhappy home life at the hands of his alcoholic mother and stepfather.

The woman said AB told Dawson, “I’m going to guide you, and that’s why she needs to be in his office.”

She said she often went to Mr. Dawson’s office with friends, knocking on the door and asking Mr. AB to come out.

“Once I opened the door, I saw her sitting on his lap,” the woman said.

The trial continues on Monday.

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