Calls to deport Ye West from Australia after praising Adolf Hitler

US rapper Kanye West’s anti-Semitic remarks have sparked calls for him to be banned from entering Australia next week.

West is reportedly traveling to Melbourne next week to meet the family of his new wife, Australian architect Bianca Sensori.

The rapper finalized his divorce from billionaire Kim Kardashian two months ago.

Dr. Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, is leading a campaign to reject West’s visa application for his anti-Semitic remarks.

“There are moral issues in life that cannot be ignored,” he told Sunrise on Tuesday.

camera iconYe West will be visiting the family of his new Australian wife, Bianca Censori, next week.Instagram credit: NCA Newswire

“This unrepentant Holocaust denier likes to hang out with white supremacists, makes death threats against the Jewish community, says he loves Nazis, admires Hitler, and doesn’t need to be here. is not.

“It’s a test of democracy, and I think we’re better than this.”

West was suspended from Twitter late last year after he praised Adolf Hitler in an interview and made racist comments about the Jewish community.

Abramović said West’s comments should be seen as gross disrespect to the soldiers who fought to defeat Hitler’s regime during World War II.

Bianca Sensori reportedly recently married Ye West. Photo Instagram 2.JPG
camera iconBianca Sensori, 27, reportedly recently married Ye West.Instagram credit: NCA Newswire
camera iconThe Australian architect’s family lives in Melbourne.Instagram credit: NCA Newswire

“If we allow Kanye West to participate, we will be spitting on the graves of all the excavators who died fighting to overthrow Hitler’s regime,” he said.

“For every Holocaust survivor living here, it will be a kick in the stomach to wake up in the morning and know that this unrepentant bigotry can roam the country freely and spread anti-Semitic propaganda. ”

“That’s wrong. I think we need to see a unified, loud voice saying they don’t want him here.”

The decision to cancel West’s visa is in the hands of Immigration Minister Andrew Giles.

A government spokeswoman said she could not comment due to “privacy.”

“If he is here, I believe he will incite, encourage, empower his supporters to attack the Jewish community, and attack the core values ​​we hold dear. .

camera iconYe donned an all-black cloth face mask last year while saying he admired Adolf Hitler. credit: attached
camera iconYe in a “White Lives Matter” shirt at the Yeezy Runway Show.attached credit: attached

“I ask the minister to exercise good judgment and say that Kanye West is not of good character and should not be allowed into the country.”

It comes just days after NSW Prime Minister Dominique Perrottet drew outrage from the Jewish community when he admitted to dressing up as a Nazi at his 21st birthday party. Calls to deport Ye West from Australia after praising Adolf Hitler

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