Blue Mountains Hospital Offers Unique Opportunities for New Nurses

At Blue Mountains Hospital in Katoomba, Sarah found a hospital that matched her passion for nursing, inspired by her family and community.

“The Blue Mountains appealed to me as a small hospital that felt like a real family,” says Sarah.

“I grew up here in the Blue Mountains, my mother and grandmother were nurses. I would go to the hospital after school to see my mom, and I always loved the environment.”

Sarah qualified as a nursing assistant at age 16 and soon began working in the aged care sector.

“I am grateful to be able to help sick and infirm people,” says Sarah.

“I also love time management, which is a big part of my job. Besides that, I enjoy being on my feet.”

As a newly registered nurse, Sarah has access to Blue Mountains Hospital, which focuses on clinical education. Advanced simulation technology.

“There are many unique opportunities here and tremendous support for new nurses,” says Sarah.

“Being a small hospital, we can get different procedures evaluated and approved quickly, and the education and training space is great.”

For the most part, though, Sarah is driven by the rewards of contributing to the health of her community.

“It’s great to be close to home, but walking around Katoomba makes me feel proud to know that one day I’ll be able to take care of the people around me,” says Sarah.

Working in the Blue Mountains also allows Sarah to balance nursing responsibilities with a healthy lifestyle.

“I take self-care very seriously, so before and after my shift I take walks in the bush, sit on the gazebo and write in my journal, or sit in nature and enjoy the birds. It puts me in a better mindset.”

While she’s open to all opportunities in her nursing career, Sarah is currently interested in pediatrics and midwifery. Blue Mountains Hospital Offers Unique Opportunities for New Nurses

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