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Let’s start with Minister of Government Services, Bill Shorten, who was having RN’s breakfast this morning. He criticized the ministers’ notion that solidarity in the cabinet would mislead the public.

This comes after former Minister Stuart Robert admitted yesterday to the Robodet Royal Commission that he said what he believed was “false” because of “Cabinet Solidarity”.

Here’s Shorten’s take:

I find it very strange to say that Cabinet solidarity allows false statements.Cabinet solidarity means that the policy must be supported, but I don’t think it means that you can make up facts to support the policy.

Cabinet solidarity is, in essence, the doctrine that ministers can talk about policy within the sanctity of the cabinet. But once a decision is made, everyone has to stand by it. That’s good.

But I do not believe that the Cabinet’s solidarity principle gives permission to the people, or that Cabinet members make false statements about the legality of their actions or misrepresent the facts.

Shorten was then asked if there were any “results” that would mislead the public.

This is a new field. I think someone is just saying that the Royal Commission still has to make a decision. So if listeners are hesitant about my voice, I don’t want to go before the Royal Commission.

If you do not agree with the policy and cannot stand by it, you are to resign. Roberts proves that they personally had a lot of anxiety, but apparently not enough to force him to resign.

An extraordinary admission by Roberts is analyzed in this morning’s excellent article. Luke Henriquez Gomezlinked below:

good morning, Mostafa Lahuwani We bring you today’s news.

Members of the Northern Territory Police will present evidence at the inquest into the death of Kumanjai Walker, an indigenous teenager.

An inquest continues on Friday after hearing on Thursday about a series of controversial text messages sent by the NT Police Sergeant after Walker’s death and forwarded to Const Zachary Rolfe.

At the inquest, the sergeant called the message a “horrible mistake” and hoped it would not mean that Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory would lose faith in or trust in the police.

Konst Rolfe shot and killed a 19-year-old Walker three times on November 9, 2019, in Yuendum, northwest of Alice Springs, as he resisted arrest.

Read Guardian Australia’s report on yesterday’s inquest:

O’Neill warns that politicizing national security is ‘dangerous’

Daniel Hurst

The Minister of Home Affairs Claire O’nealthe government is working to restore trust with the community about national security threats, and warns that the public will turn a deaf ear if the issue becomes a matter of partisan politics.

In a new interview with the Australian National University national security podcastO’Neill said he was “really troubled” that the previous administration’s approach included “a reflexive willingness to politicize national security issues, especially talking about China in a way that I found very politicized.” He said he felt that

She also extended some points on foreign interference and democratic resilience. Speech at the National Press Club in December and Previous podcast interview with Guardian Australia Catherine Murphy.

O’Neal told ANU Professor Rory Medcalf:

i really want people to understand The politicization of these issues is dangerous and undermines the government’s ability to protect Australians.If there is one thing that will change under Australia’s new government, it is that we are here in the national interest. And these things are too important to mess around with. We cannot do anything to undermine the government’s ability to solve population problems.

O’Neill said Australians were “really smart and know when politicians politicize an issue”. .

O’Neill also vowed to seek more “transparency and openness” about national security threats. She read a ton of intelligence reports.

Wong urges China not to supply weapons to Russia after talks in India

Daniel Hurst

Daniel Hurst

Minister of Foreign Affairs penny wonurged China not to supply weapons to Russia after meeting with its Chinese counterparts as a bystander at the G20 meeting in India yesterday. She said she also filed trade issues, human rights and consular cases.

won meeting Qin Ganghas been China’s foreign minister since late 2022. I had a meeting with the then minister before. Wang Yi in Beijing in December, after previous meetings on the sidelines of last year’s G20 and UN General Assembly events. Wong told reporters in New Delhi after the latest meeting:

i am both [Australia and China] Bilateral relations can be developed while safeguarding national interests if both sides wisely navigate their differences.thank you for the opportunity to Involved in important matters such as trade, human rights, consular affairs and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Wong reiterated that it would be in both countries’ interests to remove these trade barriers, such as Chinese tariffs and other restrictions on Australia’s various export sectors, including barley and wine.
was asked about China’s proposed peace plan in relation to UkraineWong said that the responsibility for the war in Ukraine and its impact on the world’s energy and food insecurity and the suffering of the Ukrainian people was “under Russia’s feet, never to be forgotten, never from there.” recover”.

Wong said China It is one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, adding:

I have said before that when it comes to Ukraine, the world looks to China for responsible leadership, especially given its close ties with Russia.i will note that President Zelensky himself has said he wants to believe China will do the right thing and not supply weapons to Russia – and it’s not just a call for Australia, it’s a call for all countries..


Martin Farrar

good morning. Welcome to the Guardian Australia Live Blog.I Martin Farrar Before that, I’d like to bring you the latest news overnight. Mostafa Lahuwani Come along.

Top news this morning is a legal challenge by an Afghan man who claims: Karen Andrews The decision to cancel his visa in 2021 is void. Scott Morrison With multiple ministerial appointments, she was replaced as Minister of the Interior. that she had no authorityAll decisions made between April 2021 and the 2022 elections can be challenged.

More backflow from one Home Secretary to another and from previous coalition governments Claire O’nealsays her predecessor had a dangerous tendency to politicize national security issues. He said he felt “really embarrassed” to talk about the issue in particular. China In a way that I found very politicized”. More on this interview coming soon.

The big foreign news of the night was that US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Had a stormy meeting on the sidelines of the G20 in India, the latter then accused West of extortion. Meanwhile, Australia has joined other Western countries in urging China not to supply weapons to Russia to support its war against Ukraine. penny won He said the world looked to China to “demonstrate responsible leadership on Ukraine”. In addition, we will also talk about it. Australian News Live: Wong urges China not to arm Russia.Claire O’Neill slams ‘politicization of national security’ | Australian news

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