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75 minutes Even if Villa lose, Unai Emery should be encouraged by his dynamic attack, especially in the second half. They looked pretty, pretty good.

74 minutes Watkins moves into the area after a shoulder charge from Matip. Referee Paul Tierney decided that this was a fair challenge.

73 minutes Allison missed a punch over his own left-hand post under pressure from Watkins. The referee gives a foul against Watkins. It seemed a little soft, but perhaps fair enough.

70 minutes “Looking at Darwin’s jersey numbers, how prolific Liverpool’s former number 27 Divock Origi would have been if he had enjoyed as much playing time,” Peter Oh begins.

Had that minute been a sub, he would have scored 424 goals. It’s all Everton.

69 minutes Liverpool were shaken for a while after Watkins’ goal, but now they’ve calmed down a bit. I’m surprised Villa hasn’t signed Danny Ings yet.

67 minutes Elliott plays on the left side of attack, which is a rather unusual position for him.

66 minutes: double change liverpool Harvey Elliott and Naby Keita replace Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Thiago.

64 minutes The pressure increased for Villa as Robertson and Van Dijk made crucial interceptions within ten seconds.

61 minutes Villa broke 4-4 and McGuinn’s mighty shot from 20 yards was well blocked by Henderson.

Villa deserves it for vastly improved performance In the second half. Douglas on his 30 yards from goal in the channel on the right 30 yards from goal His Lewis sent a beautiful cross far to his post where Watkins pulled away from Matip and strained his neck muscles. and returned a good header past Allison. That’s a really good goal.

goal! Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool (Watkins 59)


Aston Villa’s English striker Olly Watkins (left) scores. Photo: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images

58 minutes Digne’s cross was dummied by Watkins, then missed by Bailey and unmarked 15 yards out. Tonight is his second time he has failed to successfully connect with a decent chance.

56 minutes Buendia plays a good pass to the right to Bailey who can’t decide whether to shoot or cross towards Watkins and does neither.

56 minutes “In Suarez’s first full season liverpool, he broke the record for the number of times he hit the post,” says Matt Donny. “It was in the season that followed that he really hit the ground running. So far this year Nunez has hit more woodwork than anyone else in the league. Next year Norwich better watch out…”

54 minutes Well, Amazon Prime is now telling me the event (sic) is over.

53 minutes Fabinho is 25 yards out and forms a slightly wide noose curling shot.

52 minutes Be careful what Cole and Nunez say! says Daniel Sixsmith.

Ha. I’m a huge Cole fan (see below), and I’m only talking about his 1995-96 season. And like Nunez, his moves were great.

51 min: Good save from Olsen! A Villa free-kick was broken for Liverpool and Salah rushed 70 yards into Villa’s area. Ultimately, he hit an unbalanced shot that was blocked by Olsen’s foot and the ball bounced off Douglas Lewis and went slightly bigger.

49 minutes Moments later, Buendia hit the first shot into the side netting.

48 minutes: Villa Chance! McGinn sweeps a long pass to Digne on the left and rabbits into the area. Digne curls a deep cross and finds an unmarked McGuinn at the far post, but the ball bounces awkwardly, unable to decide whether to hit it with his head or his left foot. He ends up slamming into his shoulder and running through to Alison.

46 min: A goal disallowed for Watkins! Villa thought he scored 39 seconds into the second half.Watkins scored confidently after his ball through from Buendia (I think) but the flag was raised and the replay showed that he just offside.

46 minutes Beep! liverpool Neither side starts the second half without change.

“I agree about Fowler vs. Villa.” Edward Ricketts says. “Perhaps the only other goal in that category was his two goals at Old Trafford in 1995: an effortless lightning strike with little backlift to the top corner followed by a shoving of Gary Neville. and casually tipped one of the all-time great keepers.. pure joy in the embodiment of young unbridled talent!”

The day Eric Cantona returned to Old Trafford | Man Utd 2-2 Liverpool 1995

“Five other Liverpool front six (Robertson and Alexander-Arnold backing them up) are doing well,” says Andy Flintoff. That will probably come in time, but it’s clear that his current role is to make space for others to work and move the most forward.

half-hearted reading

“I don’t know if Nunez is out of skill or out of luck.”but he missed a lot…” says Jeff Sachs.

He reminds me of Andy Cole in his first years at Manchester United – missed many chances and may look very clumsy but always good because of his movement and irrepressible demeanor Timo Werner was pretty similar at Chelsea too. Either way, he’s a lot of fun to watch because there’s always something going on.

Half-time: Aston Villa 0-2 Liverpool

Liverpool are on track for a third consecutive league win after an eventful first half against Villa Park. After two brilliant passes from Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson, Mo Salah scored first and Virgil van Dijk second with help from Ezri Konsa. hit the pin.

A two-goal margin is about right, but the score could be 4-2 or 5-3 against Liverpool.

45+2 minutes: A chance for Nunez! Alexander-Arnold delivers a powerful free kick from the right that bounces off to an unmarked Nunez eight yards away. He rides the bounce well, but hits his first shot straight at Olsen.

45+1 minutes 3 minutes of additional time.

45 minutes It looks like a Van Dijk goal.

45 minutes Henderson hits a long-range volley for Olsen.

44 minutes Villa created some good chances early on, but liverpool Defending became more comfortable in the last 10-15 minutes.

42 minutes After watching some replays of the second goal, I don’t think Van Dijk’s first shot was on target. Anyway, I gave it away for now.

40 minutes Liverpool are a little more confident in their attacking play, but in this form they could easily be in the top four.

Alexander-Arnold’s outswing corner bounced off Across the area to Salah and back to goal on the far left of the 6-yard box. He laid it off to Van Dijk, who hooked a snapshot of his left foot and deflected Consa (I think) into the net. It may actually be an own goal.

goal! Aston Villa 0-2 Liverpool (Van Dyke 37)

another right field corner, another liverpool goal.

Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk is happy with the goal. Photo: Karl Lesin/Reuters

36 minutes Oxlade-Chamberlain finds Nunez in the lower left. He cut into the inside of the concert and fired a shot that was deflected across the front of goal and off Salah’s toes by Minsu.

34 minutes “Watching Trent’s out-of-the-boots pass to Robertson made my jaw drop, but watching the replay shows that Robbo knew or just expected the pass to be made. ,” says Neil McKee. “Just like every other day. Trent got the ball and Lobo jumped into space assuming he would be found. It always amazes me what top level footballers take for granted.”

32 minutes “TAA is playing like they’re trying to prove their point,” says Matt Donnie. “Alison is playing like last month. And Nunez is playing like he embodies the concept of chaos personified.

31 minutes Henderson curled a superb first pass past Digne to find Salah in the channel on the inside right. He teases Mings but drags the shot outside the near post.

29 minutes “What a crazy match!” says Joe Pearson. “It’s hard to look away to compose a boring email. I can’t imagine how hard MBM is!”

Could be worse. Aston Villa v Liverpool: Premier League – Live | Premier League

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