ACT’s top prosecutor Shane Drumgold stood aside

Justice Department Attorney General Shane Drumgold is on the sidelines as the investigation continues into the handling of the case against former Liberal Party official Bruce Lehman.

ACT officials have appointed former Democratic Party deputy MP Anthony Williamson to serve as the territory’s top prosecutor until June 13.

Drumgold is under pressure after being questioned in an independent inquiry into how the ACT judicial system handled an allegation of rape against Mr. Lehmann by another former liberal, Brittany Higgins.

Drumgold told investigators last week that the team was “closed” to police because he believed they were losing objectivity on the issue.

He has been a DPP since January 2019 and has been working for the DPP since 2002.

Charges against Rehmann, who denied the allegations, were dropped last year. ACT’s top prosecutor Shane Drumgold stood aside

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