Your BHP (ASX: BHP) stock?This is Miner’s latest effort to reduce emissions

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NS BHP Group Co., Ltd. (ASX: BHP) Stock prices closed at high prices on Thursday. This was after the company unveiled its latest efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At the last bell, BHP shares rose 0.56% to $ 37.80.

BHP on the verge of signing a contract

BHP today Renewable energy supply arrangements With Iberdrola in the near future.

Founded in 1992, Iberdrola is a Spanish multinational power company that is leading the development of green hydrogen. The energy business aims to meet the demand for electrification and decarbonization in areas such as industry and heavy transportation.

Under this agreement, half of the energy required for the Olympic Dam in South Australia will come from renewable energy sources by 2025. This will allow the Olympic Dam to reduce emissions to zero by 2025 at 50% of electricity consumption.

Energy is supplied by Iberdrola, which is sourced from the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park in South Australia. Scheduled to be completed in July 2022, this will be Australia’s largest solar wind hybrid plant.

BHP said it will be a major customer of the new renewable facility built. This is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% from FY2008 to FY2018, which is the medium-term target.

Jennifer Purdy, Asset President of BHP Olympic Dam, commented:

These arrangements support exciting new renewable energy projects that contribute to South Australia’s renewable energy ambitions.

As an integral part of electric vehicles and renewable infrastructure, Olympic Dam copper plays an important role in supporting global decarbonization and the energy transition. Reducing emissions from our business will further strengthen our position as a sustainable copper producer.

It is worth noting that BHP has signed renewable energy contracts to operate in Western Australia in 2021, Queensland in 2020 and Chile in 2019.

BHP Stock Price Summary

Over the last 12 months, BHP stocks have moved in a circle, recording a slight increase of 5%.However Latest iron ore route This year, the company’s stock fell 10%.

For BHP Market first For about $ 112.6 million, there are about 3 billion shares in the books.

Your BHP (ASX: BHP) stock?This is Miner’s latest effort to reduce emissions

Source link Your BHP (ASX: BHP) stock?This is Miner’s latest effort to reduce emissions

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