You got this: Acero Jim founders Amy and Jonocastano reveal Keto wedding diet

Amy Castano reveals how her husband and celebrity trainer Jono helped her change her body in the three months leading up to her wedding.

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Amy Castano felt very uncomfortable with her body shortly after her trip to Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old, a well-known trainer in Sydney who runs a popular acero gym with her husband Jono, said she remembers the moment very clearly.

“It was just before our wedding. It will be three years in October, and I remember coming back from our trip and just feeling huge,” Amy said. Told

“I wasn’t myself. I always felt heavy and lazy.”

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Accountant has become a beauty influencer with 500,000 people Instagram followers, She said she was training most days of the week, her diet slipped and required fine-tuning.

“I’ve always trained for the rest of my life, but when I drink after eating in a restaurant, I can’t train my poor diet. That’s what I had to do. Eat Clean up. “

Three months before the wedding, Amy asked herself, “What can I do to change my body?” At that time, she now turned to her husband, Jono.

“It was the only time I’ve ever been involved,” Jono said with a laugh, as Amy joked.

The duo then embarked on a transformation together by making one dietary change.

They followed a high-fat, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Keto..

“We created that keto lifestyle and worked together as a team to cook every day,” Shirono told

“We both did that and I got great results too.

“I’ve actually used that technique in my technique [12 week] Client transformation as people feel struggling with carbs and identify how many calories they should consume each day [and this helps].. “

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Amy, 167 cm tall, lost 15 kg by combining dietary changes with strength, weight, and strength training.

Shirono also seemed very thin on the big day, but as long as he believed in the diet, he said it wasn’t sustainable in the long run.

“Too much fat leads to high cholesterol. Too much protein can lead to kidney stones, so I like to use it for transformation,” he said.

“The 12-week span is great, but then we go back to a balanced approach, but we still understand your calories,” he advised.

And that’s exactly what Amy did. Today she has a more balanced diet of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and fiber.

“I feel incredible. I feel really good and have control over my lifestyle,” she said.

Jono is a personal trainer, but he doesn’t actually train Amy.

“He’s too busy,” said the 31-year-old.

And he has an average of 80 PTs and sessions a week.

Instead, Amy follows a unique program that combines cardio, weights, boxing, and Pilates.

However, the couple have been working together and have been doing so since they founded Acero 10 years ago.

“We work together because we are balanced. He knows where he is and where I am. We don’t intersect very often.”

Shirono who has worked with a bunch of celebrities from Rebel Wilson Rita Ora and more recently Geordie Shore Star Charlotte Crosby (Remote) said the best part of what he was doing was being able to work with his wife.

“I don’t think many people have the opportunity to find a passionate person in the same industry as you. It’s been a lot easier for me,” Jono told “We understand each other.”
Amy manages the entire Acero brand, so he manages everything from marketing to finance to social media, and Jono manages everything about training.

Together, a couple of powers have built a successful empire boasting an endless database of 10 trainers and members and social media followers.

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Training Australian actress and Hollywood star Rebel Wilson has helped raise brand awareness in addressing these celebrities, Jono said.

“We are always very grateful for it,” he said.

But at the age of 30, he’s been working with great talent for some time, and with his loyal customers, he takes Acero from an outdoor-style session to a thriving community-inspired studio. I was able to go.

“I think it’s important from the beginning. It was difficult and time consuming to do,” he said.

But keep an eye out for this space as Jono and Amy are trying to expand their brand locally and globally in Melbourne.

“Los Angeles is definitely happening at some stage in Acero. The idea came about because of the opportunities LA offers and the passion for health and wellness in the United States that resembles us Australians.” Jono said.

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You got this: Acero Jim founders Amy and Jonocastano reveal Keto wedding diet

Source link You got this: Acero Jim founders Amy and Jonocastano reveal Keto wedding diet

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