Wow Rivery Trio Released

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Walkinshaw Andretti United also unveiled the coloring of the indigenous rounds on the eve of the Darwin Triple Crown Supercars Championship event.

The livery run by WAU drivers Chazmo Start and Nyck de Vries was designed by Brian’Deadly’De Vries of the KARI Foundation, and the wildcard Jayden Oheda’s livery was created by Ronda Sampson.

The relationship between WAU and the KARI Foundation was made possible through Optus, Mostert’s car sponsor, which launched a partnership with the KARI Foundation in 2018.

DeVries is a proud Wiradjuri Gunya guy associated with Yuin Nation. DeVries is very passionate about sharing Aboriginal culture through traditional art, dance and music.

DeVries uses painting as a storytelling platform to provide connections between people, places and the environment.

The design found in Mostert and Percat’s ZB Commodores was originally created to celebrate the collaboration between Optus and the KARI Foundation and is titled “Community Togetherness”.

Don’t miss the car sponsored by Chaz Mostert’s Optus in Darwin.

It captures the journeys of traveling together, meeting places, ripples of communication, and shared, always rich knowledge.

Rhonda Sampson is a proud Gamilaraay woman living in the Darawar region of South Western Sydney.

Art is the center of Ronda’s cultural identity, and she shares it with all, both indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, allowing them to join in on a journey to understand Aboriginal culture, stories and identities. I am passionate about it.

Ojeda’s # 27 machine features the artwork “Community, Culture, Connections” and visualizes the efforts of the KARI Foundation and all its partners to showcase indigenous excellence through the KARI Foundation’s shared vision, mission and values. It is represented as a target.

The motif in the center of the artwork represents the KARI Foundation and the many partners they work with.

Surrounding the motif are seven pillars of connection: leadership, education, family and community, employment and business, sports and a healthy lifestyle, and creative, performing arts and procurement.

The seven pillars provide a connection and gateway for Aboriginal people and culture to enrich the lives of their communities.

Coloring of Jayden Oheda’s second wildcard

“It’s great to be able to celebrate the contributions of the indigenous community with all three cars for the indigenous round this weekend,” said Bruce Stewart, principal of the WAU team.

“The KARI Foundation has built a great partnership, and it’s great to have a relationship that Optus started with them in 2019. Thank you for this connection.

“This has been supported not only by everyone on our team, but by our entire partner group and it’s really cool to see.

“The grid looks great. There are many initiatives we can’t wait to realize during the weekend, which is a really important weekend for everyone involved.”

Nick Perka’s car, like any other WUA machine, was shot on the pit straight of the Hidden Valley circuit.

KARI was founded in 1999 through the founding of KARI Limited, which has long supported the Aboriginal community by designing and delivering high quality programming and services.

Today, KARI Limited continues to be a leader in Aboriginal child protection.

“The KARI Foundation is excited to work with two partners, Optus and Walkinshaw Andretti United, to provide these amazing designs and continue the conversation about reconciliation,” said Cain Slater, COO of the KARI Foundation. I am.

“Sports play an important role in celebrating indigenous peoples and culture, and we are proud to work with both Optus and Walkinshaw Andretti United in this important round.”

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Wow Rivery Trio Released

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